COVID-19 continues to change rapidly across the world and we're taking steps to limit the spread of the disease in our community. Our admissions team is monitoring impacts of the pandemic and is continuing to review applications for admission. We anticipate having the grade information we need to make decisions in the vast majority of cases. We understand that factors outside of your control may affect your ability to provide us with new information. We are adjusting our expectations based upon the information we receive from each educational jurisdiction.

Conditions connected to our offers of admission will be reviewed and update messages will be sent to affected groups as appropriate. Our priority right now is ensuring that all of our applicants are assessed in a timely and equitable manner. Where an educational jurisdiction cancels final exams for some or all of its students, or otherwise adjusts its usual grading practices, we will accept the results reported by those schools as final grades.

Ontario’s universities and the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre are monitoring the Ontario high school labour disruptions as well as school closures due to COVID-19. As a result of these closures, there may be a delay in the OUAC receiving your grades.

Our Coronavirus information website has more information, including common questions for future students.

Repeated courses and non-day school courses

Repeated courses

If you have repeated a course, we'll use your highest grade when determining your admission average. However, as we make admission decisions, we may take into consideration any repeated courses or courses completed outside of your regular high school. We do this to ensure all applicants are compared fairly.

When you submit your online Admission Information Form (AIF), you'll be asked to explain why you repeated or completed courses outside your regular high school. We'll send you instructions for the AIF once you've applied and we may verify this information before we make an admission decision.

Programs with specific policies

Engineering programs (excluding Architecture)

If you repeat a required course you may have five percentage marks (5%) deducted from your total overall admission average, and repeated courses may also impact your eligibility for scholarships. If your first attempt of a required course resulted in a grade of 70% or greater we will use the first attempt without a repeat penalty. If you take a required course outside of your day school your grade in the course may be adjusted. Please explain your reason for repeating a required course or taking a required course outside of your day school when completing your Admission Information Form.

Faculty of Mathematics, including Computer Science

If you repeat a required course or take a course outside of your regular day school, you may jeopardize your chances of being admitted to the Faculty of Mathematics. You should take all your courses in regular day school and do well in your first attempt.

Accounting and Financial Management

Our admissions committee may apply a penalty to your overall admissions score if you repeat courses or take them outside of regular day school, e.g., private school, summer school, night school.

If there are extenuating circumstances that affected your studies, let us know on your Admission Information Form and the penalty may be reduced or waived.

All other programs, including Architecture

If you repeat a course(s), our admissions committees may consider that when reviewing your application.


Courses other than day school

We will consider grades from schools that are accredited by your provincial Ministry of Education. The following are examples of courses we'll accept if they're provincially accredited.

  • Day school (high school)
  • Summer school
  • Night school
  • Online
  • Private school

You may be asked to list the courses you have taken or are taking outside of regular day school on your Admission Information Form.

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