Earn a business degree with a difference

You don’t want just any business degree. You want one that makes employers take notice. Working with employers, we created business programs that give you an edge in the marketplace.

Business + your major

Unlike many other business programs, Waterloo's business degrees give you two areas of expertise: a deep knowledge of a specific subject (your major) – plus skills in marketing, finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, and more.

With the combination of business skills and your major, you'll understand how to help biotech firms commercialize their research, how to help a clean energy company grow, or how to promote a major league team's run for the championship through one of our specialized business programs.


A business degree + paid work experience

Through Waterloo's co-op program, you can gain up to two years of relevant experience – and get paid – while testing out careers before you graduate. Work for Fortune 500 companies, startups developing the next big idea, government, non-profits, and everything in between.

11thin the world for creating unicorns: startup companies worth more than $1 billion
300+business-related courses available at Waterloo
Top 10in Canada for business, management, accounting, and finance

Business students stand in front of large display screen in cluttered business incubator

Have an idea that you'd like to pursue? Waterloo’s Concept startup program provides mentorship, funding, and collaborative work space to help students and alumni launch their own business.

Turn your ideas into action

Students and graduates of Waterloo's Velocity business incubator (Canada’s most productive startup incubator) have raised over $1 billion in funding in 11 years.

If you're not into tech but have ideas to address urgent social issues, St. Paul's GreenHouse incubator can help you get started.

With inspiration and hard work, you could join Waterloo entrepreneurs who have launched over 1,000 companies.

Among the top entrepreneurial communities

Ranked among the world’s top ecosystems for entrepreneurs, the Waterloo region offers business incubators, mentors, funding, and a supportive network of fellow startups – all you need to turn your ideas into a business.

Our on-campus Accelerator Centre ranks top five in the world – and has a 93 per cent success rate, compared to the 51 per cent national average.


Own your ideas

Unlike most universities where ideas belong to the institution, Waterloo allows you to capitalize on the ideas you generate through one of North America's most entrepreneurial-oriented intellectual property (IP) policies.

That means you can easily turn your ideas into a business with lots of on-campus support.

Make entrepreneurship part of your degree

Why not make entrepreneurship part of your business degree? Take a few courses or include a minor in entrepreneurship (an option if you're in Engineering).

You can also choose minors in International Trade, Human Resources Management, Legal Studies, Management Studies, and more.


Creating a positive effect on the world

While pursuing her Science and Business degree, Nadia discovered a passion for creating social and environmental change through business courses she took at Waterloo’s Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre.

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