Ultimate guide: Choosing a university

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king warrior Written by special contributor 

When it comes to deciding what university program to choose, there are a million different directions you can go in.

Do you start with narrowing down the universities you're interested in, or researching those that offer your program of interest? Should you think about admission requirements first thing, or are scholarships most important to you? There's no single correct approach to the decision-making process — but there are a lot of resources out there to provide some guidance along the way.

Not sure what's what? Check our guide to university vocabulary or view a list of Waterloo programs.

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Sometimes it may seem like everyone around you knows exactly where they're headed. But it's quite likely that many of your peers are still just as uncertain about the future as you are. Asking the right questions, and taking some time to reflect on your preferences and experiences, can go a long way in narrowing down your options.

Choosing a program at Waterloo

As you familiarize yourself with different universities and programs, you may land on a general area of interest without knowing exactly what subject is the one for you.

The articles below provide tips from recruitment representatives in Waterloo's faculties about choosing a program at Waterloo. Explore the links below or if you're not sure which faculty offers your program of interest, view our programs listed by faculty.