Check your application status

To check your application status or whether we've received your documents, you’ll use Quest, Waterloo’s online student information system.

Once you’ve activated your username and password, you’ll be able to log in to Quest and complete your Admission Information Form or check your application status.

  • Your username is different from your Waterloo ID number. Your username will be up to 8 characters and will be a combination of your initials and last/family name.
  • Your Waterloo ID number is an 8-digit number that starts with a 2 was emailed to you (subject line "Thank you for applying to Waterloo") when we received your application.

Check your application status

Once you've logged into Quest, you can view the status of your application. Click on Student Center and then Admissions. Click the program name(s) to see your application status. Learn about when we make offers of admission.

Complete your AIF

The Admission Information Form (AIF) is an important part of many admission decisions. You can edit and save your information as many times as you like, as long as you complete all sections of the AIF and submit it by the documents deadline.

The admissions committee will not review your AIF unless all sections have been saved and submitted.

Check if we've received your documents

If you need to submit documents such as transcripts or English test scores, you can use Quest to see if we've received those documents.


Log in to your Quest account. Click on Student Center and then Admissions to see the programs you applied to. Click on Documents and you will see the schools you have listed as your previous institutions. 

You can upload a pdf of your transcript so that we can review your application for admission.

Each time a transcript is added to your application file, the "date received" field will be updated.

English language test scores

Log in to your Quest account, click on Admissions, and look under the Test Summary section. When your official English language test score has been received from the testing centre, you'll see your scores here.

Unofficial test scores that you've emailed or uploaded will not be reviewed. Official test scores must be sent directly from the testing centre.

How to submit English language test scores →


View conditions on your Offer of Admission

If you're admitted to Waterloo, you can use Quest to review any conditions on your Offer of Admission that you need to meet. Log in to Quest and click on your Offer of Admission for details.

Instructions on how to view conditions →

Tips for using Quest

If you're using a computer in a language other than English, please select the English Quest login, which automatically changes your settings to read English.

Questions? Contact the Quest help desk at or 519-888-4567, ex. 36644