Waterloo's faculties

Waterloo Faculty brochures on a table

What is a faculty?

A faculty is a group of departments and professional schools that offer programs (also called majors) relating to the theme of that faculty.

Your academic advisor, labs, facilities, student societies, and most of your professors and courses will be in your faculty. However, most programs allow you to take courses in other faculties, too!

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Arts student examining a human skull

Faculty of Arts

Collaborate with peers and professors as you explore the diversity of the human experience and shine new light on age-old questions.

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Engineering students working on a robotic arm

Faculty of Engineering

Challenge the status quo, collaborate, innovate, and learn to create. You might just change the world.

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Environment students sitting at a table working on a project

Faculty of Environment

Make a career out of saving the planet. Join the global movement advocating for a greener, more sustainable world.

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Health student measuring another student's arm for an arm prototype

Faculty of Health

Make a difference that improves lives. Join this tight-knit community dedicated to preventing disease, healing injuries, and optimizing the quality of life for people around the world.

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Math student and professor writing on a whiteboard

Faculty of Mathematics

Develop your formula for success. In the Faculty of Mathematics, you’ll study and work with people who are just as passionate about math and computer science as you are!

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Science students working on a lab

Faculty of Science

Go beyond your own limits – participate in ground-breaking research, engage with award-winning professors, and dive into hands-on learning opportunities.

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