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Go beyond your own limits – participate in ground-breaking research, engage with award-winning professors, and dive into hands-on learning opportunities.

Prove yourself while setting new goals – all while earning your Honours Bachelor of Science degree. This, and more, is possible through the Faculty of Science.

Science drives the human race forward by increasing our understanding of the world. It helps us uncover the past while discovering what the future holds. Science takes us beyond our limits into a universe of infinite possibilities. At Waterloo, you’ll use unique tools, technologies, and innovation to push the boundaries of science. Whether it’s through our integrated programs or delving into pure science, we’ll equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed here and in the future.

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7science-related clubs to build connections and expand your enjoyment of science
100+courses give you hands-on lab experience
$50M+in annual research funding helps to finance meaningful research jobs for Science students

Beyond Science Fiction

Jake Malliaros, a student in Applied Physics, is hoping to change the future of travel by being part of Waterloo's Hyperloop team.

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