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Optometrists are dedicated to helping people preserve and enhance their vision as well as their overall health. After 3 or more years of university science, you may apply to Canada’s only optometry program taught in English.

You'll be exposed to all aspects of primary vision care, including ocular health, contact lenses, sports vision,  low vision, and electrodiagnostics.

By providing services to patients in our own Optometry Clinic, in external clinics, and in private practice, you'll gain a wealth of practical experience. Your professors and mentors are some of the world's leading authorities on vision science and optometry.

The professional Doctor of Optometry program is 4 years in length, not including the minimum 3 years of university studies needed prior to entry.

About the program

  • Available as a regular program only
  • Requires previous university study
  • Offered by the Faculty of Science

Admission requirements

  • Completion of at least 3 full years of university-level science with specific course requirements
  • Optometry Admissions Test (OAT), Admission Information Form, online assessment of personal characteristics (CASPer test), and optometrist and character references required
  • Minimum overall university average of 75%

First-year courses

September to December

OPTOM 104 - Anatomy of the Eye 1
OPTOM 105 - Medical Microbiology
OPTOM 106 - Geometrical, Physical and Visual Optics
OPTOM 108 - Histology of Tissues and Organs
OPTOM 109 - Visual Perception 1: Perception of Light
OPTOM 124 - Human Gross Anatomy
OPTOM 148 - Clinical Experience 1

January to April

OPTOM 103 - Pathophysiology
OPTOM 114 - Anatomy of the Eye 2
OPTOM 126 - Fundamentals of Visual Optics
OPTOM 134 - Immunology
OPTOM 139 - Colour Vision
OPTOM 150 - Optometric Jurisprudence
OPTOM 152/OPTOM 152L - Clinical Techniques 1/Laboratory
OPTOM 158 - Clinical Experience 2
OPTOM 170 - Public Health Optometry

What other courses will you take?

Recent graduates

  • Optometrist, St. Lawrence Vision Centre
  • Optometrist, Smith Falls Optometric Centre
  • Optometrist, Orangeville Optometric Centre
  • Optometrist, Hakim Optical
  • Optometrist, Family Eye Care
  • Optometrist, Saugeen Shores Family Eye Care
  • Associate Professor, University of Waterloo
  • Clinical Supervisor, University of Waterloo

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