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Are you an international high school or transfer student? We're here to help!

Our recruiters can answer questions about programs, applying, how co-op works, paying for your education, and more. You're welcome to reach out to any of them for support.

You can also read updates on the Government of Canada's new study permit requirements.

Interested in a master's or PhD program?

Please contact our Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs office. The recruiters below can't answer your inquiries.


Virtual drop-in sessions

High school students outside of Canada and international students in Canada are invited to join our online drop-in sessions. Ask our international recruitment team about programs, applying, co-op, residence, scholarships, and more. Convert your timezone to Waterloo's.


If you have legal and immigration questions, please contact the Student Success Office.

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Headshot of Charisse

Africa and the Caribbean

Chérisse Mike

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Headshot of Valerie Herteis

Caribbean and United States

Valerie Herteis

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Headshot of Amy

China (mainland)

Amy Lin

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    Headshot of Vicky Liu

    China (mainland)

    Vicky Liu

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    Headshot of Brian Bailey

    Europe and Southeast Asia

    Brian Bailey

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    Students in Vietnam can contact Graham Barnes.


    Headshot of Tony Munro

    Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan ROC

    Tony Munro

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    Headshot of Karuna Ausman

    India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Middle East & Central Asia

    Karuna Ausman

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    Headshot of Pavak

    India (students interested in math programs)

    Pavak Vyas

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    Headshot of Ceci Siguenza

    Latin America and Mexico

    Ceci Tacuri Siguenza

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    Headshot of Graham Barnes

    Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Korea, and Japan

    Graham Barnes

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