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At the University of Waterloo, you’ll study and work with people who are just as passionate about math and computer science as you are! Plus, you’ll graduate with a degree that can take you anywhere.

With more than 8,000 students, 250 full-time professors, and 500+ courses in mathematics, statistics, and computer science, you’ll find your own unique path here. If you think you love math now, just wait until you get here!

Math majors and programs


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See how the Faculty of Mathematics celebrates Pi Day each year!


Math and Physics student smiling

Turner, a Mathematical Physics student gained valuable experience during his co-op work terms.

He says "if you keep an open mind and are open to applying for jobs outside of your program, I believe there's no limit in where your ambition can take you".


slice of pie sitting on desk with a laptop beside it

MathSoc (Mathematics Society) throws tons of events throughout the year for math students, but Pi Day has to be one of the best!

The Pi Day festivities are held on March 14 and start at 1:59pm each year! (3/14 1:59, get it?).


Computer Science and Software Engineering students taking a selfie together

Waterloo hosts Hack the North, the largest hackathon in Canada.

Rudi, a Computer Science student combined his knowledge with his friend Shida's, a Software Engineering student, to develop an app that won a hack-a-thon challenge.


showcase with pink ties and "past present future" in neon pink letters on the outside
Quantum Nano Centre with pink chairs on the patio

students hand extended infront of the camera with calculator floating above it
group of students wearing pink Faculty of Math shirts with balloons in the background

Pink picnic table and chair outside
Mathematics 3 building with huge pink tie on the side of it


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