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From coding in computer labs to lounging in the famous Math CnD, or enjoying the annual Pi Day celebration, there is always something to do in Mathematics!

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Math student, Navya

Building your problem-solving potential

Navya was attracted to Waterloo’s "raw expression of innovation. The opportunity to build something. Anything."

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How to choose a program in the Faculty of Mathematics

Discover your ideal mix of mathematics and determine which programs best suit your passions and goals.

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University math vs. high school math

You're looking to take your mathematical education to the next level, but what does that mean?


7+3.14 Questions Series - Why Math at Waterloo?

Explore a day in the life of a Math student

Join Daniel, a fourth-year Computer Science student and time management master, as he takes you through a typical day as a Math student and shares what life on campus is really like.

What you can count on in your first year

Navya, a Computing and Financial Management student, reflects on his first year and how he got involved on campus, stayed active, and took full advantage of entrepreneurship resources.


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Contact a current student

Get the inside scoop on life as a Math student, ask your burning questions, and learn more about the community.


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Explore the wide variety of programs and majors available, find your ideal mix of mathematics, and set yourself up for success.