Women in Mathematics

The Women in Math (WIM) committee is an organization of female math faculty and graduate students that work together to provide support and resources for women in math at University of Waterloo. The WIM committee encourages women to pursue mathematics and organizes speakers and events for female math students and faculty.

Faculty and Staff Representatives

Judith Koeller - Chair of WiM, The Centre for Education in Mathematics
and Computing

Joanne Atlee - David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science

Cecilia Cotton - Statistics & Actuarial Science

Ghazal Geshnizjani - Applied Mathematics

Gayle Goodfellow - Office of the Dean of Mathematics

Debbie Leung- Combinatorics & Optimization

Yu-Ru Liu - Pure Mathematics

Kristine McGlynn - Office of the Dean of Mathematics

Meaghan Middleton-Firman - Office of the Dean of Mathematics


Graduate/Postdoctorial Student Representative

Krystal Guo - Combinatorics & Optimization

WiM Undergrad Committee Representative

Wenyu Xu

Judith Koeller


Are you a female math graduate who would like to share your story of success? Please send us an email!