Women in Mathematics

Mathematics is a powerful tool, and diversity among mathematicians increases the potential for positive impact. The Women in Mathematics (WiM) committee exists to encourage and advocate for women* who are interested in studying mathematics and who seek careers in mathematics. The committee engages with cultural and institutional reasons for under-representation, and strives for all genders to be well-represented in mathematics.

*Who Does Women in Math support?

Many of WiM’s events are open to all genders.

Currently, females are under-represented in mathematics, as shown in these gender statistics.

Following the lead of University of Waterloo, WiM recognizes those whose gender identity is neither male nor female, including gender-fluid, non-binary, agender and more. oSTEM indicates that these gender identities are under-represented in STEM fields. WiM advocates for representation of all genders in mathematics, and welcomes people with under-represented gender identities to all of our events.

Women in Math Undergrad Committee
WiM has an undergraduate committee that runs additional events geared specifically for undergraduate students. Examples include guest speakers, self-defense workshops and movie nights.   You are welcome to get involved. Check out their web site.

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Are you a female math graduate who would like to share your story of success? Please send us an email!