Directed Reading Program

About the Directed Reading Program

The WiM Directed Reading Program (DRP) is an initiative that aims to provide an opportunity for undergraduate students (mentees), who identify as women or underrepresented gender identities, to work with graduate students of all genders (mentors) on a mathematical project. This project could be a gentle introduction to a specific topic in mathematics, setting up the groundwork for a joint research endeavour or a casual survey of an article that would be intimidating to cover on one’s own.

Benefits of DRP for mentees

  • Learn about an interesting mathematical topic.

  • Develop relationships with current graduate students and learn more about graduate school from them.
  • Gain experience in conducting mathematical research first-hand.

Benefits of DRP for mentors

  • Gain valuable experience in solo supervising student(s) and communicating mathematics to them.
  • Make mathematics more welcoming for the Women+ community.
  • Share a topic that you are excited about.

Contact Us

  • If you have any questions or want an early copy of the application form, please email the WiM DRP Coordinators Sophie Spirkl and Kateryna Tatarko
  • If your DRP project turns into a research project and you want to be supported for more than one term, please email the WiM Director Yu-Ru Liu
  • Find us on Discord
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WiM would like to thank the University of Waterloo's Faculty of Mathematics and the Waterloo Women Impact Network for sponsoring the DRP.

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