Everything outside the classroom – clubs and sports, the city of Waterloo, eating on campus, residence life, and more!

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What does it mean to be a Warrior?

Once you've accepted your Offer to Waterloo, you'll officially become a Waterloo Warrior and be welcomed into the Warrior community. But what does that mean?


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Getting involved at university

When you get to university, you want to meet new people, have fun, and maybe earn a bit of money along the way. Getting involved in campus life is the perfect fit for you!


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Taking your time at Waterloo to the next level

At Waterloo, you’ll find ways to elevate your university experience. Meet some current students who are involved with campus and their programs in ways that make their Waterloo experience memorable.


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Equity, diversity, and inclusivity resources for the BIPOC community

Equity, diversity, and inclusivity are words we hear all the time, but what do they look like in action?

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Your essential guide to international student resources

Traveling to and studying in a new country can be daunting, but we offer plenty of resources to ease your transition to Waterloo!

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Ultimate guides

Collections of answers to your biggest questions about university.


Applying to university

Finding a university program you'll love. Plus tips for applying to university.



Careers and co-op

Careers, further education, and thriving in Waterloo’s co-op program.


High school success

Making the most of your high school experience from students who know what it takes.



Humans of Waterloo

Stories by and about the people of Waterloo — past and present.


Student life

Clubs and sports, the city of Waterloo, residence life, and more!




Scholarships and bursaries, part-time jobs, and making the most of your money.


Health and wellness

Staying healthy and fit – physically and mentally.