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Take it from these six Warriors: life at Waterloo is what you make it. See how they spend a typical day, hear their strategies for staying on top of it all, and get advice you can take with you into first year.

Saying goodbye stress, hello success in Arts 

Meet Cheryl, an Honours Arts and Business student whose life hacks for banishing stress keep her on top of her studies and part-time job, while leaving time for dance classes, baking, being an Arts student ambassador, and more.

Get her tips for a supercharged, no-stress day as a student, from conquering checklists to cuddling up with a furry friend.

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Learning not to sweat the small stuff in Engineering

Get to know Liz, a third-year Mechatronics student, and early bird whose personal schedule and routines are crafted to keep her productive. 

See how whether she's on co-op with an aerospace company or studying for midterms with friends, she keeps it fun and rewarding. Because "even though it's mechatronics, we're not robots!"

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Seizing the day in Environment

Catch up with Hayley, a student in Environment, Resources, and Sustainability, who starts every morning with a ritual that helps her seize the day: taking a walk in the great outdoors.

With diverse experiences, including working as a Junior Great Lakes Officer, studying in England, and co-founding a student society, she says Waterloo is a great place to make things happen.

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Keeping it well-rounded in Health

Get the scoop from Emily, a Kinesiology student, residence life don, and trainer for the women's varsity volleyball team whose competing demands are no match for a well-written to-do-list.

Learn her secret to fitting it all in — from assignments and social time to helping students and staying healthy. And see why she says student success is all about living a well-rounded life.

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Making every minute count in Math

Say hello to Daniel, fourth-year Computer Science student, and time management master. He knows a thing or two about navigating life's ups and downs (and we're not just talking about his yo-yo skills).

Hear why he says success comes down to having a flexible plan and how that philosophy helps him stay focused, make time for his hobbies, and be his best self.

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Hustling and having fun in Science

Meet Ravicha, a Science and Business student who wants to let you in on a secret: "there's more to life [and university] than getting good grades!"

Learn how she juggles courses in science and arts, plus part-time work as an aquafit instructor, all while staying connected to friends and keeping her key on the prize: a career in health tech.

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