Grab your goggles: Science Orientation is coming

Students attending Science orientation

H2O! LO2! Science rocks at Waterloo!

It’s the cheer heard throughout the Faculty of Science’s hallowed grounds… the chemical formula for water followed by L-O2 (or “loo”). Yes, it’s punny. Yes, it’s corny.

But somehow, this simple little cheer energizes us in the Faculty of Science like nothing else. It creates a bond (chemical bond, if you will) between those students who are returning to campus and those who are new to the University of Waterloo. What better way to start your time here than to proudly (and loudly) cheer for your faculty and new home away from home?

Orientation is your opportunity to discover the University campus, meet life-long friends, become a Waterloo Warrior, and have the time of your life — all before you enter a classroom. It’s a traditional event for any student entering university, but it means more than that to those of us in the Faculty of Science.

We’ve got so much (potential) energy!

Every moment of Science Orientation has been created with maximum energy in mind (with maybe a little down time to help you recharge). From the team competitions (all friendly, of course) to the cheers and the Secret Science Dance (more on this later), we set the stage for a great first week on campus. And trust me when I say our Fun Police (or FuPo) have got energy to spare! Decked out in your team colours, their job is to make sure you’re having the time of your life! Just be prepared for them to be wearing anything — from tutus and glitter to beads and boas — they’ll be a beacon for hype!

Students holding flags and cheering

Science’s got game! We dare you to keep a straight face with these Fun Police around…

And it’s not just the FuPo that’ll have you energized — we’ve got the best leaders going! They’ll help you with the ins and outs of campus, learn the science lingo, and inspire you to get involved.

Shhhhh…’s a secret

Yup, we’ve got a secret and no, don’t ask us about it. We’ll let you in on it during Orientation. Seriously. We won’t tell you until September 2. Oh, alright fine — we’ll tell you a little bit about it — since you won’t stop asking.

Every year, the incoming science class learns a dance. A secret science dance (SSD for short). This is not your grandma’s macarena. We pick a song — something you may hear on the radio, in the pubs, or at events. You’ll learn a dance that is just for that song, and whenever you hear the song, you won’t be able to control yourself and just start dancing! Trust us, there are likely other students from your faculty that know it, too — and they will certainly join in. It’ll be your fun secret as to how you’re able to move in unison.

Science students dancing outside

We shake the ground when 1,200 new science students do the same moves, all at once.

It’s all about the trophy


You’ll hear this a lot during Science Orientation. Why? BECAUSE IT’S ALL ABOUT THE TROPHY! This trophy’s for the team that finishes Orientation united, skilled, and completes challenges as a team.

We’ve also got a mini trophy (mini-troooophy….mini-troooooophy…) awarded to the team with the most hype and supports each other the most (including all our friends across campus).

Because we’re all about those community feels.

Golden trophy on edge of stageHonestly, who wouldn’t want this trophy? With golden goggles AND a beaker??! Swoon.


One goggle, to unite them all

During the week, you’ll see our infamous goggles, located on the overpass (or “link”) between the Biology and the Earth Sciences & Chemistry buildings. Like a symbol of unity, the goggles remind us that we’re a community of amazing scientists. And we’ve built time into Orientation to help you build your own community.

With fun and games to meet new friends, and time with upper-year students and academic advisors in your program, you’ll walk away from Orientation prepared to tackle your first few weeks and months in the Faculty of Science. Oh, and don’t forget to sing a song with Sci-Eye (those who guard the goggles!).

Large goggles hung from a building

Sci-Eye will be on guard.


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