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In today’s data-driven world, statisticians are in high demand. Get the skills you need to help businesses market new products, researchers evaluate medical treatments, governments shape effective public policy, and more.

In one of the world’s top centres for statistics, you’ll learn to design experiments and surveys, explore and analyze data, simulate complex systems, and extract meaningful information.

You’ll also get experience in statistical computing, forecasting, mathematical modelling, and statistical process control — all skills that will make you highly marketable. Not to mention up to two years of paid work experience if you enrol in co-op.

Where you apply those skills is up to you. Our grads go on to work in a huge range of fields, including biology, business, engineering, environmental science, finance, manufacturing, and the health sciences.

#1First faculty of mathematics in North America

briefcaseAvailable as a regular and co-op program

globeWaterloo is an international leader in Mathematics


Statistics admission requirements

Apply to Mathematics and choose Statistics as your major. Once you've applied, you'll need to complete the Admission Information Form as part of the application process.

We strongly encourage you to participate in the Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest and/or the Euclid Mathematics Contest to enhance your admissions status. 

To be considered for entrance scholarships in the Faculty of Mathematics, you must write one or both of the contests. If you complete both contests, we'll use the results of the contest in which you performed best.

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As a student in Canada's largest Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, you'll benefit from the wide variety of courses and our professors' research which enriches your classes.

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megaphone icon"Being in the Faculty of Mathematics has given me lots of flexibility to try new things and discover different majors. I was able to take courses in many different disciplines within math which helped me to decide what I want to do after I graduate."Cody, third-year Statistics student
megaphone icon"I enjoy the intellectual excitement when learning new things and solving problems. Co-op provides a chance to gain work experience — letting students explore career goals. Plus there are many clubs and events — I even went to the UK for an exchange." Jeffrey, fourth-year Statistics student

Arrow pointing up and clickingApply to Mathematics and choose Statistics as your major

math tieOffered by the Faculty of Mathematics

Graduation capEarn a Bachelor of Mathematics degree


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Social and academic support

A perfect balance of fun and academic support, the student-run Statistics Club organizes parties, movie nights, prof talks, study-buddy sessions, and more.

Get serious work experience

Choose Waterloo's co-op program and add two years of paid, career-relevant work experience to your résumé.