Some programs list "individual selection" as part of the admission average.

These programs use grades along with factors such as the Admission Information Form or interviews to individually select students for admission. As a result, there are no absolute cut-off grades to be admitted to those programs.

Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering evaluates students based upon grades, the Admission Information Form, and an optional online interview. Learn about the admission averages required to have a competitive application.

Faculty of Mathematics

The Faculty of Mathematics evaluates students based upon both grades and the Admission Information Form.

School of Accounting and Finance

For the Accounting and Financial Management and the Sustainability and Financial Management programs, students are evaluated based on grades, the SAF Admissions Assessment, and the Admission Information Form.

School of Architecture

For the Architecture program, an initial review of applicants is based on grades. Selected students will then be invited to complete an interview, portfolio, English précis-writing exercise.


Admission ranges vary from year to year for all programs depending on the number of applications we receive.

Not sure which programs are in the faculties of Engineering or Mathematics? View a list of programs by faculty.

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