Ultimate guide: Living at Waterloo

Students walking along path with big Waterloo sign in foreground

Written by Anya, student

Starting university can be like venturing into unknown territory — new responsibilities, more independence and freedom, and in some cases, moving away from home.

Everything is new and maybe even a little scary. Living in residence can help ease the transition and ensure smooth sailing on your adventures!

You’ll meet new friends and create memories to last a lifetime. For example, I met a lot of amazing people in residence in my first year. We still get together when we can and catch up. They’re like a family to me, and I’m glad to have met them!

Waterloo offers a bunch of residences to choose from, but what are they and how are they different? Or perhaps you’re not yet convinced that on-campus housing is right for you (in which case — keep reading).

Whether you’re looking for convenience of living on campus or for a community of people with similar interests to hang out with (hello, Living Learning Communities!), there’s many reasons to live on-campus.


So now that we’ve taken a look at Waterloo’s residences, which one is a good fit for you? There are a few things to consider when choosing a residence and filling out the residence ranking form. Take the time to think about what you’d like from your new home!


Fast forward to August, and you’ve been assigned to a residence — which means there’s a pretty good chance you’ve been matched with a roommate (or several) as well. Making sure you’ve set some ground rules is important for a successful roommate experience! And then there’s the fun bit — decorating your room and making it your own. Get creative!


And there you have it — everything you need to know about residence. With all the resources available at Waterloo, you’ll be able to flourish and create a new home for yourself!