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High school enrichment programs

The University of Waterloo offers an exciting range of enrichment opportunities for students of all ages. Opportunities range from a couple of hours to 2 weeks and on campus, in your school, or online.

  Title Audiences Dates Overview
Accounting, Finance Financial Literacy Competition Grade 9, 10, and 11 students May and December Supports and enhances financial literacy education within Canadian high schools.
Astronomy, Science Gustav Bakos Observatory tours All ages Year round, by request or 1st Wednesday of each month  Tours offer a chance to look through the 12-inch telescope at Waterloo’s Gustav Bakos Observatory.
Chemistry Avogadro Exam High school students Mid-May Students that are taking or have taken their first high school chemistry course.
Chemistry Chem 13 News exam High school students May Students that are taking or have taken their second high school chemistry course.
Computer Science Computing Contests Grades 9 - 12 November to May Students around the world participate in Waterloo's computing contests each year. 
Computer Science CS4U Day Grades 8 - 11 First week of December Features speakers and hands-on activities.
Computer Science Programming challenge for girls Grade 10 December A one-day workshop to introduce programming to grade 10 girls. Students learn the basics of object-oriented programming through a hands-on tutorial and challenge. 
Computer Science CEMC Workshop in Computer Science for Young Women Female grade 9 and 10 students in a Canadian high school or middle school. Spring A week-long enrichment activity for female students. Attendees explore aspects of computer science, hear about careers, and break down stereotypes. No computer science experience necessary.  
Computer Science CS Circles Grades 9 to 12 On-demand Learn to program using the Python language through interactive, text-based teaching.
Computer Science Curriculum resources Grades 9 to 12 On-demand Learn to program using the Python language through interactive, video-based teaching
Engineering Grade 11 Girls Conference Female students in grades 11. May Participate in hands-on workshops, meet engineering students, compete in a design competition, and experience life in residence.
Engineering, Leadership Catalyst Summer Leadership Grade 10 or older. July and August Develop leadership skills by drawing on Waterloo’s strengths in engineering, science, and innovation.
Engineering, Science Engineering Science Quest Grades 1 to 9 July and August Empowers youth to be the change that the world will need in the future by increasing students' confidence in science, engineering, and technology abilities.
Entrepreneurship, Engineering Engaging in Entrepreneurship & Engineering (E3) Students entering grades 11-12 August Get a head start in the world of startup businesses. Sponsored in part by Google.
Geology, Earth Sciences Earth Sciences Museum and Cobalt Discovery Mine Tunnel tours Grades K-12 Year-round Free tours and activities on a variety of earth science topics.
Health, Kinesiology Kinesiology Lab days Grade 12  Mid-December Visit kinesiology labs and participate in hands-on workshops.
Health, Medicine Gairdner Foundation Lecture Grades 11 - 12 Early October Attend a lecture by a recipient of the prestigious Gairdner award (for scientists who have made significant breakthroughs in medicine). 
Health, Neuroscience University of Waterloo Brain Bee Grade 9-12  Early March Answer questions about the brain and neuroscience. The winner will compete in the National Brain Bee. 
Health Sciences Anatomy Workshop Grade 11 or 12 Biology classes, Grade 12 Exercise Science classes   High school classes participate in a hands-on anatomy workshop with human cadavers. Email Tamara Maciel for details.
International students IDEAS summer program for international students Grade 10 and 11 July 2-week summer program for international high school students.
Mathematics Math Circles Grades 6-12 Registration opens in September. A free weekly enrichment activity, held Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at Waterloo. 
Mathematics Curriculum resources  Grades 7, 8, and 12 On demand. Free online lessons, interactive worksheets for Grade 12 math.
Mathematics Math contests Grade 7 - 12 Throughout the year. Students around the world participate in Waterloo’s math contests each year. 
Mathematics School visits High school  Throughout the school year. Problem-solving workshops in mathematics and computer science. Includes discussions of careers in mathematics.
Mathematics Think about Math! Grade 9 girls May Designed for Grade 9 girls, the workshop demonstrates that math is fun, relevant, and leads to exciting careers. 
Mathematics Free resources Grades 3 to 12 On-demand Materials that support curriculum and enrichment.
Mathematics Problem of the Week Grades 3 to 12 Throughout the school year. Problems from various areas of mathematics are posted and e-mailed to subscribers.
Physics Sir Isaac Newton Physics Exam Grades 11-12 Early May Physics exam for high school students.
Post-secondary education for aboriginal youth Directions 9-12

October - Grade 12

March - Grade 11

May - Grades 9/10

A post-secondary information and careers readiness conference for Aboriginal youth. Students learn about post-secondary education, with an emphasis on science and technology themes centered around medicine wheel teachings.
Science Let’s Talk Science Grades K-12 Throughout the school year. Hands-on science activities aligned to the Ontario curriculum, brought free to classrooms by Waterloo student volunteers.

Public Lectures hosted by Waterloo Science

Grade 8+ level, but attendance is open at parent discretion. Throughout the year.

Public lectures delivered by leaders in the field on various topics of interest and relevance to the community.

Science, Cryptography

Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students (QCSYS)

Grades 10-12 Mid-August Week-long program that focuses on quantum cryptography, hosted by the Institute for Quantum Computing.
Sciences, Engineering, Technology, and Entrepreneurship

Shad Valley

Grade 10, 11 or 12 July

A four-week summer enrichment program. Students spend a month living in residence.