Financial Literacy in the Classroom


What is Financial Literacy in the Classroom?

The School of Accounting and Finance, with financial support from Sagen™, is partnering with high school teachers across Canada to support their students in developing the confidence and competence to make smart financial decisions as they begin their first job, earn income, and begin planning and saving for their future. We believe that exposing youth to financial literacy topics is an important first step in developing the habits and behaviours that contribute to financial well-being. We hope to spark curiosity and encourage students to ask questions and seek answers as they explore financial topics like saving and investing, borrowing wisely, planning and budgeting, and become more aware of what’s happening in the Canadian economy (and around the world). Beyond exploration, we encourage students to participate in the Financial Literacy Competition (FLC) to test and challenge their knowledge of these and other important financial topics and to begin to develop the habits that are the foundation for a healthy financial future. 

Explore our competition and resources

If you’re a teacher or student (or perhaps both!), explore our competition and financial literacy resources. Our competition and resources are available to enhance and support learning both in and out of the classroom, as facilitated teacher led activities or as student led self-study. When you and your students are ready, take on the challenge of our competition, the FLC, taking place twice per year in December and May. Thanks to the support of Sagen™, use of the resources and participation in the FLC are free. 

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Finance leader and SAF alum Philip Mayers highlights the importance of giving back to the community by providing financial literacy lessons and supporting aspiring professionals.

Financial Literacy Month

Director of Financial Literacy in the Classroom, Tracy Hilpert, speaks with Mike Braga of Money Matters on Rogers TV about the importance of developing financial literacy and how our resources and competition can help. 

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