Managing the new normal: Working from home (WFH)

woman taking notes

Like many of us, Miljana Prelic, Performance Measurement Analyst at SAF is learning to adjust to the new remote workplace. A big difference for Miljana is that she has a new co-worker, Oliver, her toddler at home. We wanted to catch up and find out how she is managing the new normal and if she has any insights to share.

Gaining insight into business trends and operations around the globe

Yash Heda

Due to complications arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, the plan for the winter 2020 International Study Course shifted several times. I was a member of the meals and culture team, and our team was responsible for creating a presentation for the class to learn more about our original destination, Singapore. This included its history, cultural diversity, government structure, etiquette, laws, and points of interest. This allowed all our classmates to be knowledgeable about what they were to expect from the trip, and how they should be interacting with the speakers in our meetings.

Beyond the classroom


From office to home, to embracing change in the new normal

Only a video call away

Jillian Adams

Presenting research virtually, taking online classes, and staying connected to SAF faculty – a student’s account of the last few weeks in the PhD Accounting program.

"With a month left to go in the winter term of my first year in the PhD Accounting program, we were told to pack up our offices and prepare to not be back on campus for a while… little did I know that I was about to experience one of the most challenging yet reflective times of my life."

Becoming bilingual in French and tax on my co-op term

Murtaza Zaidi

Bonjour! Si vous parlez français, pouvez-vous faire ma déclaration de revenus?

To be honest, I wouldn’t have been able to understand half that sentence either if it weren’t for my co-op experience at Deloitte as a tax analyst…yes, a tax analyst.

My co-op job as a forensic accountant during COVID-19

Dhanusha Sathiyaseelan

When I was debating between two co-op job offers, one as a forensic accountant at a public accounting firm, and the other as a financial analyst at a software company, I met an industry professional at a networking event and had a great conversation with him that helped me decide.

From the office to home, a new working reality

 Aravinth Krishnathas

We’ve all heard on many occasions that co-op work terms are a great representation of the real world. It gives students a perspective on how our lives will be after we graduate.

A letter to our past selves in high school

Richard Bao, Johnson Lee, Khanh Nguyen, Fangyu Wang, Ryan Yang, and Lynn Zhu

We know you must be very nervous coming into university. It’s a challenging transition — but don’t worry, because you’ll meet awesome classmates and friends from your Crew.

SAF Crews: A bond that motivates and pushes us to do better

Serena Cen, Sukhbir Gill, Amy Jiang, Jake Trinidad, Jeyanth Yogaratnasingam, Haneen Zakaria

The bond we built allowed us to motivate and push each other to be better. We want you guys to know that even the smallest get togethers or moments with your Crew can make a big difference when it matters.

What I wish I knew in high school about first year and SAF Crews

Tyler Street, Shyam Bhatt, Davin Ching, Thomas Kraemer, Suki Su, Cassandra Wan

Dear high school students, you might be scared of the prospect of university, so here are five lessons we learned that we wish we knew back when we were in your shoes.