Non-Profit Organization Consulting (NPOC)

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Providing pro-bono accounting and business consultation services to non-profit organizations

Have a community initiative but are unsure of how to build it up? As life-long volunteers, NPOC is passionate about assisting fellow community leaders in developing and fulfilling their community passions. Our team is skilled in developing sustainable business plans, connecting your organization with available granting opportunities and volunteers, building brand recognition, and providing other basic accounting and financial services.

Mission statement

To support local communities by providing pro-bono accounting and financial consultation to Non-Profit Organizations. We aim to leverage financial expertise accumulated through diverse co-op experiences to support community aid and development.

Our values

  • Community Service and Professionalism: Utilizing accounting and finance knowledge to provide NPOs with the highest level of value to serve the greater community.
  • Continuous Learning: Continuously growing our team’s skills and leadership expertise in order to adapt to any situation.
  • Inclusivity and Respect: Building a positive foundation of mentorship, communication, positive collaboration and respect in order to achieve greater goals.
  • Student Focus: Creating engaging and innovative programs for students to serve the community, develop skills, and connect with fellow passionate community leaders.

Our services

Grant Application

Have a grant you wish to apply to? Our team can help walk you through the application process, ensuring that you meet all the necessary requirements for grant and funding applications. Many grant applications require detailed reports on financial and non-financial aspects of your NPO’s business plan. Our team will work with you through the preparation and submission of grant applications.

Developing Informed Business Plans

With our team’s diverse knowledge and experiences in accounting and finance, we can help you develop your idea into feasible business plans. This includes identifying short and long-term goals and developing strategies to achieve these goals.

Budgets and Forecast

Having trouble managing expenses and cashflow needs? We can help you identify cash needs and budget for short-term and future expenses by providing detailed reports and consultation.

Financial Literacy and Operational Excellence

Have questions about planning and operating NPOs? From spearheading community events to running small businesses and consulting with large corporate firms, our team has ample experience to help inform you on how to best optimize your operations.

We've put together some articles and tips below as a starting point for NPOs.

Learn about NPOC and why you should get involved

The best way to learn about NPOC is to hear directly from the club's members. You can follow NPOC on social media: we are on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram @npoconsulting.

In this blog post, hear from Bianca, 2022 co-director of NPOC, as she discusses what made her fall in love with the program. Discovering my passion in helping small businesses and non-profits achieve their goals.

In an interview, Iris, an executive member of NPOC, shares how the club has complemented her academic knowledge, prepared her for a future career in public accounting, and ultimately made her student experience more rewarding.

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