Non-Profit Organization Consulting (NPOC) Articles: NPO Performance Management

  • It’s important to effectively communicate and present your organization’s KPIs. From presenting KPIs in a report, slideshow, dashboard, or website, it allows others to effectively understand your data. This is a crucial step to help your organization determine its next steps for growth and greater employee engagement.

  • It’s important to evaluate the performance of the company, but at the expense of performance metrics conflicting with the operations of a business. This is done through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Within this article the various KPIs are discussed and how to use them to grow a business.

  • Performance management is a proceeding process. The NPOC Performance Management series will answer questions such as how to create, communicate, and use performance metrics to align employees, resources and systems to an organization’s goals.

  • Keep your activities in a business on track by comparing goals with results. These results could be lagging or leading indicators and can be used to craft a strategic plan to restructure goals for the future.

  • Learn about the two frameworks (CPA Canada’s PM4NPO and the Government of Canada’s Performance Measurement Strategy Framework) tools to help your organization plan, review, and assess its activities.

  • Personnel and cultural controls are different from key performance indicators (KPIs). These two controls are not data driven, but can be a cost effective way to increase employee motivation and performance