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Whether you have your mind set on a few math programs or are still considering your options, we can help. We have a number of ways for you to reach out with your questions and learn about the benefits of a math degree. We're here to help!

Applying to the Faculty of Mathematics for September 2024

Learn about admission requirements, processes, and timelines for Mathematics and Computer Science programs to start your studies in September 2024. We'll also cover contests, scholarships, and more. Not planning to start university in September 2024? No problem! You are still welcome to join us but keep in mind that some details might change before you apply so just make sure to check in again before you complete your application. 

Watch the recording of the Applying to the Faculty of Mathematics for the September 2023 webinar here

Watch previous webinars

We have a series of webinars designed with the future of math and computer science in mind that provide you the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the real-world applications of math and computer science
  • Discover new skills to improve your math-ability
  • Find out tips on choosing the best program for you within the Faculty of Mathematics.

Previous webinars include:

Preparing for the Canadian Senior Math Contest (CSMC)

Learn about math contests prepared by the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC).Watch the discussion of math problems similar to the ones that appear in our contests like the Canadian Senior Math Contest (CSMC), and get information on how to prepare and some tips to write these contests. This preparatory session was led by CEMC Director Ian Vanderburgh.

Problem solving with Ian VanderBurgh, Professor
Solve interesting math problems and talk about problem solving strategies that are useful across mathematics, and also in life outside the math classroom. Come prepared to think about and to do some mathematics.

"Why Math?" with Judith Koeller, Professor
Look at several math problems and lots of examples of how math (and computer science) are used in real-world contexts. Examples include: efficiency in delivery routes and manufacturing, speeding up video games, streamlining the airline industry, placement of tsunami detector, making computers accessible to differently abled people, communicating with dogs, fostering Indigenous languages, and predicting life expectancy patterns.

"Describing Artichoke Spirals and Counting Honey Bees" with J.P. Pretti, Professor
The Fibonacci sequence of numbers is famous for its mathematical properties and occurrence in nature. How can we compute the n-th Fibonacci number and why might this be important? In this session, explore algorithms for determining a particular Fibonacci number. This will be a case study of the close connections between mathematics and computer science as well as their widespread application to our everyday lives and the world around us.

If you would like to watch our previous webinars, please reach out to us at for more information.

International Math Recruiters 

Our recruitment specialists are visiting high schools throughout the world to showcase the options available in the Faculty of Mathematics, answer all of your questions, and provide insight into life at UWaterloo. You can contact the recruiter for more information, or connect with a recruiter virtually anytime for more information and country-specific questions. 

Tour our Faculty of Mathematics and campus

Take a guided tour of our study, research, and social spaces through the Faculty of Mathematics and campus. Highlights include labs, support centers, study spaces, lecture halls, the infamous Math Coffee and Donuts, and some other campus hot spots.

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