Future undergraduates

female student working with Professor Daniel Vogel with a Human Computer Interaction set up

The Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo is the largest centre for mathematics and computer science in the world and is a global leader in graph theory, cryptography, privacy, and artificial intelligence. UWaterloo is recognized as the best school in Canada for Mathematics and Computer Science (Macleans, 2021) and top 50 in the world (QS University Rankings). It is the only dedicated Faculty of Mathematics in North America and is home to over 8,000 undergraduate students studying in one of 23 math and computer science programs within the Faculty. 

There are 42,000+ alumni that hold a degree from the Faculty of Mathematics spread across 100+ countries that continue to engage with the Faculty through participating in events and speaker series, hiring co-op students, and donating to Math student specific funds. 

Why should you study math?

  • You consider yourself a problem solver.
  • You LOVE math and solving problems.
  • You like learning functions, calculus, derivatives, integration, and/or computer science.
  • You think logically through ideas using patterns, numbers and equations.
  • You think in 1s and 0s and enjoy playing with programming languages.
  • You're excited to explore the possibilities and creativity of mathematics
  • You enjoy working through challenging puzzles.
  • You like working through proofs.

How to choose the right program

We offer a variety of mathematics majors, math and business programs, and computer science programs for to you to choose from. Compare our programs to find the one that suits you best with your ideal mix of mathematics, business, and computer science courses. Co-op lets you use your math and problem skills in the real world while you gain paid experience. All programs have an optional or required co-op option.

Admissions and applications

What is it like to be a UWaterloo math student?

Tour classrooms, research labs and social spaces to learn about the academic experiences of math students and find out what student life is like in the Faculty of Mathematics. 

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Take a Faculty tour and see what campus is like.

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Take a look into a day in the life of a Math student.

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