Getting Involved

There are many ways for you to get involved at the University of Waterloo. This page outlines some faculty specific options, your department may also have additional ways to be involved.

Math Graduate Student Association

The Math Graduate Student Association (Math GSA) is the organization that provides a forum for the voices of all graduate students in the Faculty of Mathematics. The board members strive to represent the interests of the graduate students to the faculty officials and the broader university community. The Math GSA promotes an interdisciplinary culture of social and intellectual interaction among students within the faculty.

For more information on the Math GSA visit their website, contact them via email at or their social media pages on Instagram and Facebook. You can also join the conversation on their Discord server.

The Women In Math Committee (WiM)

The Women in Math (WiM) committee is an organization of female math faculty and graduate students that work together to provide support and resources for women in math at University of Waterloo. The WiM committee encourages women to pursue mathematics and organizes speakers and events for female math students and faculty.

For more information please visit the Women in Math website.

Competitions and Events:

Three Minute Thesis

3MT logo

The 3MT Competition is a university-wide competition for research-based masters and doctoral students. Competitors have one static slide and three minutes to explain the breadth and significance of their graduate research to a non-specialist audience. Information and resources for competitors as well as answers to frequently-asked questions are available on the University of Waterloo 3MT Competition website.

Videos from previous competitions can be viewed on the Math 3MT website.

Math and Computing Research Discovery Days

Math innovation logo

The Math & Computing Research Discovery Days is a new multi-day showcase featuring research from the University of Waterloo Faculty of Mathematics. Students will have the opportunity to participate through research spotlight talks, panel discussions, lightning presentations and posters. Students also have the opportunity to network with professionals from various sectors and attend workshops. For additional information please visit the Math Innovation Website.

Hack the North

Hack the north logo, rainbow circle with gears

Hack the North is a 36-hour hackathon that brings together over a thousand students, experts and sponsors from around the world to Waterloo’s campus each year to code, compete, learn and network. For more information visit the Hack the north website.

Math Faculty Graduate Studies Committee (MFGSC)

The MFGSC is responsible for the academic quality, development, promotion of research and the operation of graduate studies in the faculty. The MFGSC generally meets 3-4 times per year and reviews items such as:

  • New graduate courses or programs
  • Changes to existing courses/programs
  • Determines who should receive Approved Doctoral Dissertation Supervisor (ADDS) status

There are two graduate student representative positions on the MFGSC, the position is held for two years. In their first year, the student will attend the MFGSC meetings and vote on any issues arising. In the second year of their term, the student will also serve as the graduate student representative on the Admin. Committee and the Faculty Council.

Elections are held annually as the two positions are staggered. The Math Grad Office (MGO) will send out a call for nominations when a position becomes available. If more than one student is interested the student body will vote for their preferred representative.

Your MFGSC Representatives

Luke Hagar, Statistics and Actuarial Science, has been elected as the Graduate Student Representative to the Mathematics Faculty Graduate Studies Committee (MFGSC) until August 31, 2023. Luke will also serve on Admin. Committee and Faculty Council.

Luke replaces Hayley Reid, Pure Mathematics, whose term has ended.

Kerem Akillioglu, Computer Science, has been elected as the Graduate Student Representative to the Mathematics Faculty Graduate Studies Committee (MFGSC) until August 31, 2024 (2-year term). During the 2nd year (September 2023 – August 2024) Kerem will also serve on the Admin. Committee and the Faculty Council.

Kerem replaces Marina Chugonova, Applied Mathematics, whose term has ended.