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We are home to 25 faculty, four staff, approximately 50 graduate students, several research visitors, and numerous undergraduate students. We offer exciting and challenging programs leading to BMath, MMath and PhD degrees. We nurture a very active research environment and are intensely devoted to both ground-breaking research and excellent teaching.

  1. May 25, 2022Kathryn Hare named Distinguished Professor Emerita
    Kathryn Hare

    Kathryn Hare from the Department of Pure Mathematics has been named Distinguished Professor Emerita in recognition of her storied career at Waterloo.

    Hare has been a mainstay in Pure Math since 1988 when she first took up a role as an assistant professor. She had previously attended Waterloo as an undergraduate student, completing a BMath in 1981.

  2. May 20, 2022William Slofstra awarded University Research Chair
    William Slofstra

    A researcher in the Department of Pure Mathematics is among the latest winners of a University Research Chair.

    Awarded by the Office of the Provost, a University Research Chair recognizes exceptional achievement and pre-eminence in a particular field of knowledge.

  3. Apr. 28, 2022Patrick Naylor wins Mathematics Doctoral Prize
    Patrick Naylor

    Patrick Naylor, who recently completed a PhD in the Department of Pure Mathematics, has won first place in the 2022 Mathematics Doctoral Prize.

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  1. Aug. 16, 2022Algebraic Geometry Working Seminar

    Sean Monahan, Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Waterloo

    "A GIT construction for horospherical varieties"

    David Cox developed a way of writing a given toric variety as a good quotient of a quasiaffine toric variety by a diagonalizable group. This construction has a very nice interpretation using the combinatorics of the toric varieties, i.e. their fans. I will give an outline of this construction through an example, and we will see how it can be generalized to horospherical varieties.

  2. Aug. 17, 2022Differential Geometry Working Seminar

    Talk #1 (9:30am-10:45am): Paul Mcauley, Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Waterloo

    "Vertical and Horizontal Spaces"

    For a given Riemannian manifold (M,g), a vector bundle E over M, we can define the vertical space VE which is a submanifold of TE. Given a connection on E we can then define the horizontal space HE which is a submanifold of TE. These spaces give us a fibre metric on TE and then we can look at the Levi-Civita connection in terms of these vertical and horizontal spaces.

  3. Aug. 19, 2022Geometry & Topology Seminar

    Jeremy Usatine, Brown University

    "Gromov-Witten theory and invariants of matroids"

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