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We are home to 25 faculty, four staff, approximately 50 graduate students, several research visitors, and numerous undergraduate students. We offer exciting and challenging programs leading to BMath, MMath and PhD degrees. We nurture a very active research environment and are intensely devoted to both ground-breaking research and excellent teaching.

  1. Oct. 10, 2018Matthew Kennedy awarded NSERC Discovery Accelerator SupplementMatthew Kennedy

    Associate Professor Matthew Kennedy received a $120,000 Discovery Accelerator Supplement from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) for his work within the field of operator algebras.

  2. Aug. 3, 2018Pure Math Professor wins Teaching Award

    Professor Ross Willard has been awarded the Faculty of Mathematics Award for Distinction in Teaching. This award is given annually to teachers in the Faculty of Mathematics who have consistently demonstrated outstanding pedagogical skills and a deep commitment to our students’ education. Up to two awards are given annually. Professor Matthew Scott (Applied Mathematics) also received the award this year. Congratulations!

  3. June 26, 2018Post-Doctoral Fellow Teaching AwardPost-Doctoral Fellow Teaching Award

    Akshaa Vatwani has been chosen to receive the inaugural Department of Pure Mathematics Post-Doctoral Fellow Teaching Award! This award will be given annually to one post-doctoral fellow and is based on outstanding teaching. Congratulations, Akshaa!

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  1. Oct. 22, 2018Pure Math Colloquium

    Thomas Lam, University of Michigan

    "The mirror theorem for minuscule flag varieties"

  2. Oct. 24, 2018Learning Seminar on Free Analysis

    Eli Shamovich, Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Waterloo

    "Noncommutative kernels, multipliers, and the Fock space"

  3. Oct. 25, 2018Homotopy Type Theory Seminar

    Andrej Vukovic, Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Waterloo


    In this week's meeting of the homotopy type theory seminar, we begin by reviewing homotopy equivalence and the transport map. We then discuss dependent pair and function types in the context of homotopy theory and introduce function extensionality. Finally, we formalize the univalence axiom with the type-theoretic notion of homotopy equivalence.

    MC 5413

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Congratulations to Kerry Cerqueira, MMath, Leah Duffett, MMath, Nicholas Manor, MMath and Chadi Hamzo, PhD who all convocated in Spring 2018. Best of luck in your future endeavours!

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