Welcome to Pure Mathematics

We are home to 25 faculty, three staff, approximately 50 graduate students, several research visitors, and numerous undergraduate students. We offer exciting and challenging programs leading to BMath, MMath and PhD degrees. We nurture a very active research environment and are intensely devoted to both ground-breaking research and excellent teaching.

Undergraduate studies:

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Graduate studies:

Congratulations to Kari Eifler, MMath, Mitchell Haslehurst, MMath, Shuming Jia, MMath, Arthur Mehta, MMath, Patrick Naylor, MMath, Emily Neufeld, MMath, Nickolas Rollick, MMath, Dennis Stauffer, MMath, Michael Hartz, PhD, Matthew Wiersma, PhD, Stanley Xiao, PhD who all convocated in Fall 2016. Best of luck in your future endeavours!

Employment opportunities