Each year Pure Math doctoral students must complete an annual activity report. Every PhD student must complete the report according to the schedule below, even if they were not enrolled for the entire reporting period, unless they have already scheduled their PhD defence for Spring through the MGO.

The form covers the period May 1 – April 30.

The deadline for submission is June 1.

The deadline for Supervisor and Advisory Committee comments is also June 1.

Please follow the procedure below.

Step 1:

Download the report template here:

Annual Activity Report (LaTeX file)


Make sure that you have downloaded the template for the most recent academic year. The current template should be available by May 1; please alert us by emailing pmgradadmin@uwaterloo.ca if the linked template is outdated in May.

Step 2:

Complete the report (including the Statement of Research Progress, if applicable), and email it to your Supervisor(s) and Advisory Committee members.

You must discuss the contents of your report with each member of your Advisory Committee (or with your Supervisor(s) if you do not yet have an Advisory Committee).

After you have discussed the report with them, revise your report to incorporate any feedback you have received.

Step 3:

Upload a pdf of the final version of your report here:

Annual Activity Report Submission

Step 4:

Ask your Supervisor(s) and other Advisory Committee Members to enter their official comments using the form found here:

Supervisor and Advisory Committee Member Comment Form