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Financial information

Graduate students in the Department of Pure Mathematics are provided with excellent financial support, which will cover their tuition, housing and most other expenses.

In 2019-20 master's students receive a minimum of $26,500 in support and PhD students a minimum of $27,300. Student visa holders receive more in support to help offset their higher tuition fees.

Holders of major external awards, such as NSERC postgraduate scholarships and OGS scholarships, receive an additional scholarship from the University of Waterloo.  In 2019-20, NSERC postgraduate scholarship holders receive a minimum of $34,180 in support and OGS postgraduate scholarship holders receive a minimum of $31,680 in support.  Domestic applicants (Canadian and Permanent Resident) are strongly encouraged to apply for scholarships.

Students are generally expected to earn part of their funding through teaching assistantships (TAs). These require 5-10 hours per week of duties.

Financial support is promised to master's students for three terms and to PhD students for twelve terms, provided the student is deemed to be in good academic standing by the Department Graduate Committee and have fulfilled their TA duties satisfactorily. Support for PhD students may be extended beyond this period.

More details can be found on our financial support page.