MMath graduates

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This list consists of the name, thesis title and supervisor of Pure Math MMath recipients for the past several years.


Clement Wan

  • Title: On Pseudovarieties of Finite Algebras
  • Supervisor: Ross Willard

Vincent Boldt

  • Title: Model Theory of Higher Derivations
  • Supervisor: Rahim Moosa

Tanner Boos

  • Title: Brownian Motion Through the Construction of the Wiener Measure
  • Supervisor: Alexandru Nica

Laindon Burnett

  • Title: An Analogue of Cobham's Theorem for F-automatic sequences
  • Supervisor: Jason Bell

Jing Xuan Chen

  • Title: Positive Bisectional Curvature on Compact Kahler Surfaces and Kahler-Einstein Manifolds
  • Supervisor: Spiro Karigiannis

Daniel Clark

  • Title: Up the Hill Backwards: Lie Group Grom a Lie Algebra
  • Supervisor: Xuemiao Chen

Sam Cookson

  • Title: The Subpower Membership Problem on Clifford Semigroups in Polynomial Time
  • Supervisor: Ross Willard

Cynthia Dai

  • Title: Toric Vector Bundles
  • Supervisor: Matthew Satriano

Ismael El Yassini

  • Title: Roth's theorem on arithmetic progressions
  • Supervisor: Yu-Ru Liu

Young In (Daniel) Han

  • Title: Derived Functors and Cohomology Theories
  • Supervisor: Jason Bell

Joey Lakerdas-Gayle

  • Title: Isomorphism Spectra and Categoricity Spectra of Computable Structures
  • Supervisor: Barbara Csima

Hanming Liu

  • Title: Calculations on Dirac and Spinor Valued Forms
  • Supervisor: Spiro Karigiannis

Liam McQuay

  • Title: Finite-dimensional *-algebras vai geometry of projections
  • Supervisor: Alexandru Nica

Ravi Mudaliar

  • Title: Riemann Surfaces, Function Fields, and Belyi's Theorem
  • Supervisor: Xuemiao Chen

Steven Piatkowski

  • Title: Representation Theory of Finite Groups
  • Supervisor: Wentang Kuo

Gian Cordana Sanjaya

  • Title: Density of Special Classes of Polynomials with Squarefree Discriminant
  • Supervisor: Jerry Wang

Jacques Van Wyk

  • Title: Elliptic Partial Differential Operators
  • Supervisor: Spiro Karigiannis

Gerrik Wong

  • Title: Tidy Idempotents of L1 (G)
  • Supervisor: Nico Spronk

Jenny Xu

  • Title: Tree Properties and their Associated Cardinal Invariants
  • Supervisor: Rahim Moosa

Nolan Pyott

  • Thesis Title: Generalized GCDs as Applications of Vojta's Conjecture 
  • Supervisor: David McKinnon


Simon Adamus

  • Title: Universality in Punctually Computable Structure Theory
  • Supervisor: Barbara Csima

Thomas Bray

  • Title: Harmonic Analysis of Free Groups and an Application to Arens Products
  • Supervisor: Nico Spronk

Robert Cornea

  • Title: Dimensional Reduction of Vafa-Witten Systems
  • Supervisor: Ruxandra Moraru

Ethan Davis

  • Title: Uncountably Many Non-Elementarily Equivalent II_1 Factors
  • Supervisor: Matthew Kennedy

Andean Medjedovic

  • Title: Exact Formulas for Averages of Secular Coefficients
  • Supervisor: Michael Rubinstein

Robert Morissette

  • Title: On Burris's Proof of Baker's Finite Basis Theorem
  • Supervisor: Ross Willard

Aidan Patterson

  • Title: Para-Holomorphic Algebroids with Para-Complex Connections
  • Supervisor: Ruxandra Moraru

Joaquin Prandi

  • Title: Local Dimension of Discrete Measures
  • Supervisor: Kevin Hare

Spencer Secord

  • Title: A Proof That Straight Domains are Locally Divided
  • Supervisor: David McKinnon

Owen Sharpe

  • Title: Discrete Restriction Bounds for (x^3, x) and More General Polynomials
  • Supervisor: Yu-Ru Liu

Yuxuan Sun

  • Title: On the Dynamical Wilf-Zeilberger Problem
  • Supervisor: Jason Bell

Francisco Villacis

  • Title: Computation of Chen-Ruan Cohomology Rings for Abelian Orbifolds
  • Supervisors: Ruxandra Moraru and Shengda Hu

Spencer Whitehead

  • Title: Integrality theorems for symmetric instantons
  • Supervisor: Benoit Charbonneau

Xiao Zhong

  • Supervisor: Jason Bell


Nicolas Banks

  • Title: Galois Actions on Smooth Projective Surfaces Up to Picard Rank Four
  • Supervisor: David McKinnon

Christine Eagles

  • Title: Elimination of Imaginaries in ACFA
  • Supervisor: Rahim Moosa

Nicholas Kayban

  • Title: Riemannian Immersions and Submersions
  • Supervisor: Spiro Karigiannis

Larissa Kroell

  • Title: Quantum Graphs
  • Supervisor: Matthew Kennedy

Isaac Lee

  • Title: Odd Perfect Numbers
  • Supervisor: Kevin Hare

Annie Li

  • Title: Amenable Commutative Operator Algebras on Hilbert Spaces
  • Supervisor: Brian Forrest and Nico Spronk

Kieran Mastel

  • Title: The Clifford Theory of the Clifford Group
  • Supervisor: William Slofstra

Liam Orovec

  • Title: Periodic Beta-Expansions
  • Supervisor: Kevin Hare

Caleb Suan

  • Title: Differential Operators on Manifolds with G2-Structure
  • Supervisor: Spiro Karigiannis

Shun Zhang

  • Title: Almost Reducibility of Operators on Hilbert Spaces
  • Supervisor: Ken Davidson


Juan Ariza Mejia

  • Title: Property (T) for Tracial von Neumann Algebras
  • Supervisor: Nico Spronk

Samuel Desrochers

  • Title: Assouad Dimension and Non-Embeddability
  • Supervisor: Kathryn Hare

Claudia Guerrero Golzalez

  • Title: Some applications of the Renewal Theorem to Fractal Geometry
  • Supervisor: Kathryn Hare

Marco Handa

  • Title: The Canonical Base Property in DCF_O
  • Supervisor: Rahim Moosa

Robert Harris

  • Title: Fibrations and Monodromies of Torus Knot Complements
  • Supervisor: Doug Park

Anton Iliashenko

  • Title: The moduli space of ASD connections on compact 4-manifolds
  • Supervisor: Spiro Karigiannis

Nicole Kitt

  • Title: Representations of SL(n,C)
  • Supervisor: Matthew Satriano

Sean Monahan

  • Title: An overview of toric varieties
  • Supervisor: Matthew Satriano

Xingchi Ruan

  • Title: On the Solubility of Diophantine Systems
  • Supervisor: Wentang Kuo

Zhihao Zhang

  • Title: Derivations on Banach Algebras
  • Supervisor: Nico Spronk

Yuming Zhao

  • Title: Algebras for Nonlocal Games
  • Supervisor: William Slofstra


Jason d'Eon

  • Title: Applications of Information Geometry to Machine Learning
  • Supervisor: Ruxandra Moraru

Jacob Campbell

  • Title: Weingarten calculus for some classical groups and their quantum analogues
  • Supervisor: Alexandru Nica

John Dykes

  • Title: Vinogradov's Mean Value Theorem
  • Supervisor: Yu-Ru Liu

Amanda Garcia

  • Title: Random Walks on Finite Groups with Applications to Card Shuffling
  • Supervisor: Ben Webster

Adina Goldberg

  • Title: Synchronous nonlocal games in multiple quantum models
  • Supervisor: Vern Paulsen

Luke MacLean

  • Title: Sure it works in theory, but is it effective?
  • Supervisor: Barbara Csima

Edward Poon

  • Title: Representation Theory of the generalized symmetric group
  • Supervisor: Ben Webster

Wilson Poulter

  • Title: Zilber's Principle in Practice
  • Supervisor: Rahim Moosa

Finlay Rankin

  • Title: An Embedding theorem for small Abelian Categories
  • Supervisor: Jason Bell

Hayley Reid

  • Title: Monogenic Number Fields
  • Supervisor: David McKinnon

Jeffrey Samuelson

  • Title: A Modern Solution to the Problem of Counting Lines on the Cubic Surface in P3
  • Supervisor: Matthew Satriano

Pawel Sarkowicz

  • Title: Exact C* -Algebras and the Kirchberg-Phillips Nuclear Embedding Theorem
  • Supervisor: Laurent Marcoux

Charles Valero

  • Title: Monopoles with Dirac-Type Singularities
  • Supervisor: Benoit Charbonneau

Andrej Vukovic

  • Title: Arithmetic Invariant Theory: An Overview
  • Supervisor: Jerry Xiao Heng Wang


Hussein Ahmad

  • Title: Godel's 2nd Incompleteness Theorem and Fragments of Arithmetic
  • Supervisor: R. Moosa

Benjamin Anderson-Sackaney

  • Title: The Fourier-Stieltjes Algebra and Host's Idempotent Theorem
  • Supervisors: N. Spronk and B. Forrest

Eric Boulter

  • Title: Born Metrics on Compact Complex Surfaces
  • Supervisor: R. Moraru

Kerry Cerqueira

  • Title: A modern counterexample to the Von Neumann-Day conjecture
  • Supervisors: B. Forrest & N. Spronk

Leah Duffett

  • Title: Murasugi's proof of Tait's conjecture on the crossing number of proper alternating links
  • Supervisor: D. Park

Joshua Hews

  • Title: Bridge position and thin position of knots
  • Supervisor: D. Park

Adam Humeniuk

  • Title: Existence of the C*-envelope of an Operator System
  • Supervisor: K. Davidson

Nicholas Manor

  • Title: Entanglement Breaking Quantum Channels and the PPT-Squared Conjecture
  • Supervisors: V. Paulsen and M. Kennedy

Jeremy Nicholson

  • Title: The affine completeness and functional completeness of the ring Zm
  • Supervisor: R. Willard

Daniel Pepper

  • Title: Basics of free stochastic integration
  • Supervisors: B. Forrest and A. Nica

John Sawatzky

  • Title: The Fourier Algebra of a Locally Compact Group
  • Supervisors: N. Spronk and B. Forrest

David Urbanik

  • Title: Abstract and Explicit Constructions of Jacobian Varieties
  • Supervisors: M. Satriano and D. Jao

Dan Ursu

  • Title: C* - simplicity of discrete groups
  • Supervisor: M. Kennedy

Jake Zimmermann Simmons

  • Title: Investigation of a locally finite and residually finite variety
  • Supervisor: R. Willard


Gulizar (Seda) Albayrak

  • Title: Finite Automata and Algebraicity of Formal Power Series over Finite Fields
  • Supervisor: J. Bell

Dylan Butson

  • Title: Classical Field Theory in the BV formalism
  • Supervisors: K. Costello and M. Satriano

Serina Camungol

  • Title: Haar measure on locally compact groups and a fixed point theorem of Day
  • Supervisors: N. Spronk and B. Forrest

Jessica Crawford-Brown

  • Title: Understanding the One-Dimensional Representations of the Galois Group of the Algebraic Closure of the Rationals over the Rationals
  • Supervisor: D. McKinnon

Brandon Doherty

  • Title: An Introduction to Homotopy Type Theory
  • Supervisor: D. Park

Parham Hamidi

  • Title: Ring theoretic properties of Iwasawa algebras
  • Supervisor: J. Bell

Christopher Hawthorne

  • Title: Formal languages and the model theory of finitely generated free monoids
  • Supervisor: R. Moosa

Kun-Hung (Rick) Hsueh

  • Title: A Parallel Study of the Fock Space Approach to Classical and Free Brownian Motion
  • Supervisor: A. Nica

Drew Johnstone

  • Title: Setting a Non-Commutative Framework for Independance of Random Variables, with an eye Towards Free Probability
  • Supervisor: A. Nica

Bahaa Khaddaj

  • Title: Reduced C*-algebras of totally disconnected groups
  • Supervisors: N. Spronk and M. Kennedy

Se-Jin Sam Kim

  • Title: Strong Morita Equivalence and Imprimitivity Theorems
  • Supervisor: K. Davidson

Justin Laverdure

  • Title: The Laws of Finite Pointed Groups
  • Supervisor: R. Willard

Anthony McCormick

  • Title: Derived Geometry and the Integrability Problem for G-Structures
  • Supervisor: S. Karigiannis

Patrick McIntyre

  • Title: On the Relationship Between Concentration of Measure and the Isoperimetric Problem
  • Supervisor: A. Nica

Kamyar Moshksar

  • Title: On Asynchronous Interference Channels
  • Supervisor: N. Spronk and B. Forrest


Sylvie Davies

  • Title: Primitive Groups, Uniform Minimality, and Direct Products of Automata
  • Supervisor: J. Bell

Kari Eifler

  • Title: Graph C* Algebras and the Abelian Core
  • Supervisor: L. Marcoux and M. Kennedy

Ikenna Ezike

  • Title: On the Greedy and Lazy Beta-Expansions
  • Supervisor: K.G. Hare

Mireille Suzanne Findleton

  • Title: A Simply-Connected Symplectic Calabi-Yau 6-Manifold
  • Supervisor: D. Park

Mitchell Haslehurst

  • Title: Regularity of Arens Multiplication and Weakly Almost Periodic Functionals on Banach Algebra
  • Supervisor: N. Spronk and B. Forrest

Ehsaan Hossain

  • Title: The Algebraic Kirchberg-Phillips Conjecture for Leavitt Path Algebras
  • Supervisor: J. Bell

Shuming Jia

  • Title: The Linear Sieve and Chen's Theorem
  • Supervisor: Y-R. Liu

Richard Mack

  • Title: On Banach Spaces Admitting Unique Preduals
  • Supervisor: N. Spronk

Arthur Mehta

  • Title: Semi-pre-C*-Algebras and positivstellensatz
  • Supervisor: M. Kennedy

Patrick Naylor

  • Title: Lefschetz Fibrations
  • Supervisor: D. Park

Emily Neufeld

  • Title: On Kolmogorov Complexity and Minimal Pairs of K-Degrees
  • Supervisor: B. Csima

Nickolas Rollick

  • Title: Integer Points on Genus Zero Projective Curves
  • Supervisor: D. McKinnon

Dennis Stauffer

  • Title: Additive Properties of Beta-Integers for Quadratic Pisot Numbers
  • Supervisor: K.G. Hare


Michael Baker

  • Title: Elliptic curves over finite fields and their l-torsion Galois representations
  • Supervisor: D. McKinnon

Alexander Berenbeim

  • Title: Some Preliminary Steps Towards a Formally Verified Proof of the Weil Conjectures
  • Supervisor: D. McKinnon

John Campbell

  • Title: Some Problems and Results Related to Nil and Graded-Nilpotent Rings
  • Supervisor: J. Bell

Hanci Chi

  • Title: On the Weitzenbock Formula and Integrability in Higher Dimensional Gauge Theory
  • Supervisor: B. Charbonneau

​Zachary Cramer​

  • Title: Normal Limits of Nilpotents and Normal Operator Similarity Orbits in Purely Infinite C*-Algebras
  • Supervisor: L. Marcoux

James Haley

  • Title: Strongly Reductive Operators and Strongly Reductive Operator Algebras
  • Supervisor: L. Marcoux

Samuel Harris

  • Title: Kadison Similarity Problem and Similarity Degree
  • Supervisor: L. Marcoux

Samin Riasat

  • Title: On Prime Factors of Consecutive Integers
  • Supervisor: C. Stewart

Asmita Sodhi

  • Title: Classifying Smooth, Compact Toric Surfaces
  • Supervisor: D. McKinnon

Rui Philip Xiao

  • Title: K-Theory for C*-Algebras and for Topological Spaces
  • Supervisor: K. Davidson

Hee Sung Yang

  • Title: On the Approximation of Real Numbers with Algebraic Integers of Low Degree
  • Supervisor: C. Stewart

Polly Yu

  • Title: Spans of Projections in Certain C*-Algebras
  • Supervisor: L. Marcoux