Undergraduate studies

The Pure Mathematics Department offers a range of courses and plans for students with varying interests. If you have enjoyed your core mathematics courses and want to deepen and broaden your mathematical understanding, one of these plans may be of interest to you.

Honours Pure Mathematics

This is a traditional honours mathematics plan which provides an excellent foundation across a wide spectrum of mathematics with an emphasis on theory and abstraction. The plan provides sufficient flexibility for students to pursue interests both within and outside the mathematical sciences and, although it is not required, many students combine Honours Pure Mathematics with an additional plan. Many graduates of this program go to graduate school after completion.

​Mathematical Finance

​​This is an elite finance plan offered jointly through the Pure Mathematics Department and the Statistics and Actuarial Science Department. Students in this plan will learn both the pure mathematics and the mathematical finance necessary for graduate work or a career in the highest echelons of banking and mathematical finance. This is a very challenging plan, designed to appeal to students wishing to balance a love of finance with a love of pure mathematics.

​Joint Pure Mathematics

Many students have found it rewarding to combine pure mathematics with another mathematical science discipline. The Joint Pure Mathematics plan requires less difficult courses than the Honours Pure Mathematics plan, while retaining an emphasis on theory and abstraction. This plan must be combined with another major.

Pure Math Minor

This plan is intended for students with an interest in Pure Mathematics, but who wish to major in another program.