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With a depth and breadth of expertise, over 1,100 students make up the vibrant Faculty of  Mathematics graduate community. Read the stories below to learn more about a few of those students, and check back regularly for new feature profiles.  

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Adina Goldberg | Pure Mathematics

Image of Adina GoldbergWherever Adina Goldberg goes, she leaves a trail of newly-created community events, academic initiatives and connection opportunities behind her. The Pure Mathematics PhD student and self-described “huge extrovert” carries the mantra: “Make things happen if they don’t exist – just build it yourself.”

Since January 2020, Goldberg has co-organized a series of graduate student talks jointly held between Pure Math and Combinatorics & Optimization to encourage cooperation and build community. “If you’ve met any mathematicians, you might not be surprised to find that they don’t naturally tend to go outside their social comfort zones unless nudged a little bit,” Goldberg stated. This essential idea of cooperation also shows up in Goldberg’s PhD research, where she explores how accessing a quantum state could help people solve problems together more efficiently.

With a MASc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto, a MMath in Pure Mathematics from the University of Waterloo and her current pursuit of a PhD, Goldberg is an experienced graduate student. Her advice to graduate students who want to make the most of their experience is, “Don’t just be another name in another office – be present and pay attention to people.”

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