Internal transfer

Intenral transfers

Internal transfer refers to the process by which a student registered in one faculty would apply to transfer into a different faculty. If you are currently an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo and wish to apply for admission into the Faculty of Mathematics, you will be applying for an internal transfer.

Unsure if internal transfer applies to you?:

Please review this table to determine how you should proceed.

Type of student Where can you find more information? Who should you contact?
Software Engineering (SE) students looking to transfer into Math or Computer Science (CS) Software Engineering Applicants See the Software Engineering Applicants website
Computing and Financial Management (CFM) or BBA/BCS Double Degree students looking to transfer into CS Transfer to BCS/BMath CS CS advisors
BBA/BMath Double Degree students looking to transfer into a Math and Business program Math/Business Programs Math/Business advisors
Non-Math students interested in transferring into CFM Transfer to Computing and Financial Management CFM program advisor
Non-Math students interested in transferring into Math/CPA Transfer to Math Business/Accounting Programs Math/CPA program advisor
Math students looking to change their current plan to another one Declaring Majors Advisor for the plan of interest
All other non-Math students looking to transfer into the Faculty of Math Read through this internal transfer website Math Internal Transfer advisor

Things to consider:

  • Applicants who are interested in admission into Computer Science (CS) should speak to a CS advisor as well as an internal transfer advisor for the Faculty of Mathematics.  Students will need to submit two online applications, each with their own submission deadlines.
  • Students may not come into the Math Faculty on a work term, the first term in Math must be a study term. Please be aware of your co-op sequence and do not submit an application for admission into Math on a scheduled work term. 
  • Students applying for co-op in Math will be assessed based on the program they are registered in when they submit their application. Any students registered in a regular program at the time they apply will be considered as such. Any pending program changes that would take place in their home faculty will not be taken into account. 
  • Students wishing to be considered for admission directly into a program/plan of their choice should indicate this on their application.
  • The internal transfer process can be competitive and subject to availability/space. There is no guarantee that students will be eligible for either co-op or their requested program/plan.
  • All applicants who are not accepted into their program/plan of choice will, by default, be considered for admission into Honours Mathematics. Successful applicants typically spend at least one term in Honours Math before declaring a program/plan of their choice.
  • Students who are or will be starting in 1A must spend at least one term in their home Faculty before being eligible to apply for internal transfer into Math. High school grades are not considered during internal transfer.

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Admission requirements:

The Faculty of Mathematics will consider internal transfer applications for students who meet all of the following criteria:

  • Two or fewer failed courses
  • A minimum cumulative average (CAV) of 75%
  • Strong grades in at least three honours-equivalent math courses from Waterloo 

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Who would not be eligible for admission consideration?:

  • Students who have not completed at least one full-time term at Waterloo 
  • Students currently enrolled in the BASE program 
  • Students who have previously failed the BASE program (regardless if they are subsequently admitted into a degree studies program in another faculty)
  • Students enrolled in the 2 + 2 plan 
  • External transfer or readmitted students who have not completed at least one full-time term at Waterloo

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What should I do since I do not meet the minimum requirements?:

More than two failures?

  • Unfortunately, students with more than two fails would not be considered for internal transfer. Such students may wish to speak to their current academic advisor about their options.

Cumulative average below 75%?

  • If a student has strong grades in at least three math courses, but their CAV is less than 75%, then they will need to improve their CAV before applying for internal transfer.
  • We advise against taking some courses, such as MATH 103, MATH 104, MATH 109, CS 100, STAT 202, STAT 211, and STAT 220, as they will not help you toward a transfer into Math.

Fewer than three strong math grades?

  • Consider taking one or more of the MATH/CS courses that are open to non-math students across the university: MATH 106, MATH 127/137, MATH 128/138, CS 115/135 and CS 116/136.
  • Consider taking math courses available in a plan already open to you.  (For example, a student in the Mathematical Physics plan in Science can take MATH 136, MATH 137, and MATH 138; in Engineering, courses like MATH 116, MATH 117, MATH 118, MATH 119, and SYDE 111 can be taken.)
  • Consider taking one or more honours math courses with permission from a Math internal transfer advisor as well as an academic advisor from your current Faculty.

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What are the requirements to enrol in honours Math courses?:

  • Permission from your home Faculty (see your current academic advisor).
  • Non-Math students interested in enrolling in restricted Honours Math courses should get in touch with Michelle Smith

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Application process:

  • A student interested in internal transfer into Math must communicate their intention with a Math internal transfer advisor before submitting their application. Students may contact us by email.
  • Internal Transfer applications are processed a term in advance. Applications for the Fall 2024 term will open March 18, 2024, and must be submitted by April 30, 2024.
  • Students who are scheduled for a co-op work term in Fall 2024 are not eligible to apply for Fall 2024 transfer. Such students must wait and apply for transfer into Math for their next scheduled study term.
  • Students applying to CS should be aware that there is a different, earlier deadline for those applications as well.
  • Internal Transfer applications can only be submitted online. Select the application titled ‘Transfer from outside of Math to Math’.
  • Students may be enrolled in courses in the term prior to their intended start term with Math, however, in these cases, any offers of transfer would be conditional upon a student maintaining the minimum requirements for transfer. Failure to maintain the minimum requirements would result in the offer of transfer being revoked.
  • Please note, enrolling in courses the term prior to your intended start term in Math carries risk. If an offer of transfer into Math is revoked then there can be consequences to your status in your home faculty. Students should speak with the Math internal transfer advisor as well as their home faculty advisor about the potential risks.
  • The internal transfer offers are normally communicated to students four to five weeks after the application deadline.
  • Internal transfer offers are sent to students’ campus email accounts. Please monitor your account regularly and respond to offers of admission promptly.
  • Successful applicants must formally accept the offer to officially change Faculties. Such students must also communicate with a Math internal transfer advisor to help with their course selection for their first term in Math. 

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Internal transfer advising:

If you have questions, please email the internal transfer advisor.

Virtual advising appointments are available. 

Good luck with your transfer!