Mathematics graduate teaching assistant

Getting Started as a TA

TA Training Workshop:

  • Students in Applied Math, Computational Math, C&O or Pure Math: training will be provided by the Faculty of Mathematics in the first week of classes (Fall term). You will receive an email in the summer with a link to register.
  • Students in Computer Science or Statistics and Actuarial Science: your dept/school will provide their own training. Your Graduate Coordinator will inform you of the details.
  • Download the Fall 2023 Math TA Training Workshop (PDF) slides.

Required learning

Suggested learning

  • LEARN modules through Waterloo Grad Ready (optional):
    • Module 3: Getting Ready to be a Teaching Assistant
    • New modules will be offered periodically

Additional information

Important policies and regulations


  • Pool Proctoring
    • The Mathematics Undergraduate Office (MUO) maintains a “pool” of graduate students that are selected at random each term to help with midterm and final examination proctoring. Please refer to 4.6.1 Math Faculty Pool Proctoring in the TA manual for more information.
  • Proctor Training
    • Before midterm/examinations
      • Communicate with the instructor: often they would have their own preferences and specific instructions
      • Be there at least 30 mins before the start of the exam
      • Count and distribute papers
    • During midterm/examinations
      • Count students
      • Match front page signature
      • Check Watcards/collect signatures
      • Constantly move around
      • Do not allow students in after the first 30 or 60min
      • Announce that there are 10 minutes remaining
    • After midterm/examinations
      • Collect and count papers
    • Cheating at a Midterm/Exam
      • Never accuse students
      • Never touch students
      • Inform instructor ASAP
      • Take evidence (e.g., midterm/exam)
      • Give fresh exam
      • Record observations

Helpful Resources