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Training programs

Safety training sessions

Access to online training modules requires authentication using your WatIAM credentials.  When completing the online training please use Firefox, other browsers have compatibility and stability issues.  Also ensure that you have the latest version of Adobe Shockwave installed in your browser.  The plug in can be downloaded and installed from:



All undergraduates requiring Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS) must take:

Safety orientation/WHMIS for students (undergraduate students only)


People considered employees are;

  • Faculty
  • CUPE
  • Co-op Students/Unpaid Learners
  • Visiting Faculty/Post-Docs
  • Staff
  • Graduate Students
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Undergraduate Students Employed at uWaterloo

Mandatory training

Those "working" in paid or unpaid positions at University of Waterloo (UW) must take the following courses:

SO1081 Workplace violence awareness (requires 30-60 minutes to complete)

SO1001 Employee safety orientation (requires 60 minutes to complete)

SO2017 WHMIS 2015 (requires 45-60 minutes to complete)   

All supervisors and managers are required to take:

SO1100 Supervisor Safety Awareness (requires 60 minutes to complete)

Supervisors of higher risk work must also attend the following classroom sessions;

SO1003 Supervisor Safety Orientation

SO1007 Inspecting the Workplace

SO1012 Incident Investigation

SO1019 Job Hazard Analysis

Hazard specific training

The following training modules are mandatory for those working with the specific hazard or performing the specified functions. Online sessions may be taken at any time and are accessible below.

Classroom sessions are scheduled on a regular basis each term and current sessions are noted on the Safety Office Home page.

Additional sessions may be scheduled as circumstances arise.


Course Description Course Number Approximate Duration
Classroom Elevated work platforms SO1036 4 hours
Classroom Confined space entry SO1023 3 hours
Classroom Fall protection SO1026 2 hours
Classroom Fire extinguisher use SO1088 1 hour
Classroom Emergency first aid (valid for 3 years) SO1038 8 hours
Classroom Fork lift training theory SO1027 4 hours
Classroom Incident investigation SO1012 3 hours
Classroom Inspection of slings and chains SO1035 1 hour
Classroom Job Hazard Analysis SO1019 3 hours
Classroom Ladder Safety SO1050 45 minutes
Classroom Supervisor Safety Training SO1003 3 hours
Classroom Inspecting the Workplace SO1007 3 hours
Classroom Safe Chemical Handling SO2016 3 hours
Classroom Business Impact Analysis SO2021 1.5 hours


Course Description

Course Number

Approximate Duration
Online Biosafety SO1069 1.5 hours
Online Cryogenic and compressed gas safety SO1030 45 minutes
Online Laboratory safety SO1010 45 minutes
Online Laser safety training theory SO1066 2 hours
Online Radiation safety open sources SO1013 3 hours
Online Radiation safety devices SO1017 45 minutes
Online Radiation safety sealed sources SO1015 2 hours
Online Radiation safety transportation SO1021 2 hours
Online Supervisor Safety Awareness SO1100 1 hour
Online Working in clean rooms --------- 2 hours
Online X-ray safety SO1011 2 hours

Federated university and affiliated colleges and UW affiliated daycare facilities

The following course is available to all faculty and staff in the above areas with a UW UserID:

Workplace violence and harassement awareness (Non-UW employees only)

Workplace violence and harassment awareness (St. Jerome's employees only)

WHMIS for St. Jerome's employees (St. Jerome's employees only)