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  1. Dec. 9, 2021December Lab Shutdown Notice

    The December Lab Shutdown Notice went out to faculty health and safety coordinators for distribution and posting this morning.

    Contact the Safety Office if you have any questions. 

  2. Nov. 5, 2020Silica Awareness (SO2037) training is now available on LEARN

    This online training module introduces employees working where silica dust may be present to silica and the dangers of working with silica-containing materials. See the Silica Awareness (SO2037) page for more information.

  3. Mar. 25, 2020Setting up your home office with ergonomic tips from the Safety Office

    Many of us are now trying to work from home, making do with spaces temporarily created for the situation. While the kitchen table may be functional as space to put a computer, is it ergonomically functional. Consideration has to be given to the space and resources available for these newly created home offices to ensure your home office, what ever it comprises of, is as ergonomically correct as possible to minimize any negative impacts and support your productivity.

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