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The Safety Office provides consultation and support services to the University community on matters relating to environmental and occupational health and safety.

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  1. July 16, 2019Implementing the University’s New Risk Assessment Program
    As part of our Health, Safety & Environment Management System (HSEMS), the University is implementing a Risk Assessment Program to manage workplace hazards. The Program takes a two-level, proactive approach to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace by anticipating hazards and risks and implementing control measures before work starts or any significant exposure to risk occurs.
  2. Mar. 5, 2019WHMIS Update: Chemical Relabelling Starting in March

    The WHMIS 2015 transition period is now complete. Following a regulatory amendment that will enable a cost-effective and simple labeling process, the Safety Office is now commencing relabeling across campus.

  3. Dec. 13, 2018University of Waterloo's Fit For Work Guideline

    The legalization of recreational cannabis has brought forth the potential issue of workplace impairment and employees being fit for work. Workers who are unfit or unable to carry out their work safely due to impairment introduce a hazard to the workplace, themselves, and others.

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