Hot Work


To protect the health and safety of faculty, students, and staff from procedures that may cause the building's fire alarm system to be activated or create an unwarranted fire risk.


This program covers any University of Waterloo employee and contractors whose job duties involve hot work activities.


Permits are required for cutting, grinding, welding, or soldering in university owned buildings. Physical plant supplies, issues or may make arrangements for permits within a minimum of 48 hours prior notice.

Fill out this form to apply for a hot work permit. 

Areas where hot work permits are not required

Shops and teaching facilities for:

  • Welding
  • Cutting
  • Grinding
  • Brazing
  • Heating
  • Soldering


The following safety precautions must be followed

  • Personnel involved in welding, cutting, or gouging mustbe trained in the safe operation of the equipment involved.
  • Use appropriate protective measures including ventilation, respirators, helmets, etc.
  • Keep the head out of the plume (i.e., smoke or fume generated by the welding process).
  • Position the work so that the existing ventilation (i.e., cross drafts from fans, open doors) directs the plume away from the breathing zone.
  • Remove any surface coating of the metal prior to welding since they can be volatized during welding and become constituents of the fume.
  • Report any equipment malfunction, defect, or safety hazard to the supervisor.