Pre-construction Due Diligence (SO1200)


This module aims to educate Plant Operations Design and Construction workers in designated substances and other hazardous materials encountered during construction and non-construction projects at UW. The training material explains how to identify hazards and ensure proper controls are put in place to mitigate the risk.

Who should take this course?

Plant Operations Design and Construction workers


2 hours

Training content

  • Legislation: a review of applicable legislation and regulations including the basic steps for ensuring compliance during pre-construction
  • Roles and responsibilities: to ensure that policies and procedures are consistent across Plant Operations and the Safety Office
  • Health effects of asbestos and asbestos awareness
  • Risk assessments: identify buildings that require special attention and review for all proposed work:
    • Designated substances and hazardous materials (DSA) review
    • Designated Substance Inventory (DSI) also referred to as the asbestos inventory/management survey
    • Building List identifying buildings containing asbestos
    • Lab Decommissioning Forms


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