The Asbestos Management Program outlines the procedures and controls in place at the University of Waterloo to ensure safe working conditions when working with or near asbestos.

See the Asbestos Management Program for more information.


Training Who should take this training? Description
Asbestos Awareness Training  Building occupants Asbestos Awareness Training is available online in LEARN for both occupants and workers.
Asbestos Full Day Training Workers Type 1 and 2 asbestos operations worker training is conducted by an approved training provider. This training is provided to the workers in Plant Operations and IST. Contact the Safety Office to inquire about asbestos worker training.
Asbestos Specialized Training UW Abatement Worker Type 1 and certain Type 2 asbestos operations are performed on campus requiring specialized training for that particular operation and performed by a competent person (3rd party).
Asbestos Risk Assessment and Control Supervisor/Manager Safety Office conducts training in asbestos risk assessment and control for supervisors/managers.

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