The Biosafety Program provides a guideline for working with biological materials to ensure compliance and minimize risk to workers, students, the public, and the environment.

See the Biosafety Program for more information.


Workers, and students handling biosafety Risk Group 2 organisms and materials are required to complete biosafety training.

Additional resources and information


Annual Training Documentation Form Fillable PDF*
Biological Material Transfer Agreement - External Fillable PDF*
Biological Material Transfer Agreement - Internal Fillable PDF*
Biosafety Permit Application Word File
Biosafety Sharepoint Sharepoint
Human Blood, Bodily Fluid and Tissues Worksheet Fillable PDF*
Local Risk Assessment Worksheet for Human Pathogens and Toxins Fillable PDF*
Local Risk Assessment Worksheet for Animal, Aquatic and Plant Materials Fillable PDF*
Pathogen Risk Assessment Worksheet Word File
*Fillable PDFs should be completed using Adobe. Save the file to your computer and then complete the form and signature in Adobe.

Standards and guidelines

Bleach Inactivation of Liquid Biological Wastes
Emergency Response Guide – Exposures & Spills
Entry and Exit SOP for Biosafety Permitted Labs
Facility Design and Physical Containment
Guidance on Disinfection
Movement and Transportation of Biological Materials
Proper Pipetting Techniques
Vacuum Aspiration Guidance
Work Practices 

Relevant legislation

Canadian Biosafety Standard 3rd ed
Health of Animals Act
Health of Animals Regulations
Human Pathogens and Toxins Act
Human Pathogens and Toxins Regulations