Training records

The Safety Office maintains records of safety-related training for all employees and students at Waterloo and guides supervisors and departments on the training employees require.

Access training records for your department 

Safety training records for employees and graduate students are available to designated persons in each department. 

Follow the safety training reporting tool link to access training records for employees in your department (must be given access).

Who has access to this information?

By default, all health and safety coordinators have access. Others looking to gain access need to contact their departmental health and safety coordinator who then contacts Doug Dye in the Safety Office for final approval. Examples of who may require access are:

  • Departmental personnel who grant access to facilities (i.e. key permits and access codes)
  • Department heads
  • Executive officers
  • Administration officers

Using the reporting tool

How To Look Up Training Records Using the Department Reporting Tool

Looking up your training records in Workday

Only active employees have access to Workday.

  1. Sign in using your University of Waterloo user ID and password.

  2. Go to Learning in the application menu.
  3. Click on More under the Progress menu.
  4. Click on Learning History.

Training from a third party - how to update training records

If you have received training from an outside provider not arranged through the Safety Office, please contact us so training records can be updated appropriately.

Determining which training to complete 

It is the responsibility of each department and supervisor to ensure that employees, students and volunteers receive training that is appropriate to the hazards present in their area of work/study. 

To assist departments and supervisors, the Safety Office developed a training matrix. The training matrix outlines the training required based on the role and the hazards present in the workplace.

Supervisors can modify and use the matrix to meet their department's needs. 

Download Training Matrix (.xlxs)