The University of Waterloo's campus-wide Fire Safety Program encompasses all aspects of fire and life safety. We work with Waterloo Fire Rescue to promote fire safety on campus. All members of the University community are responsible for reporting hazards and following evacuation procedures.

Fire and evacuation procedures

Fire and evacuation procedures are outlined on Emergency Procedure Posters located throughout campus in locations such as:

  • Health and safety bulletin boards
  • Near campus phones and room exits
  • Labs and classrooms

Fire wardens are responsible for assisting with building evacuations and can be identified by red fire warden hats. The University conducts fire drills in accordance with the Ontario Fire Code to ensure building occupants understand the procedures and that all building systems work properly. 

In non-fire situations threatening safety like building service interruption or hazardous materials spills, buildings are evacuated under the direction of the University of Waterloo Special Constable Service, fire wardens and emergency response services. Do not use fire alarms to evacuate buildings without approval.

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