Training development

The Safety Office develops most of the general training for the University but a supervisor or department may want to develop additional general or specific training for their workers. This page explains the Safety Office process for developing and maintaining training and discusses how it can be used by supervisors to develop site-specific training.

The goal

Training courses need to be developed to impart or improve the skills, abilities and knowledge to influence their work behaviour and attitude to perform the tasks of their job safely and effectively.

Following a systematic approach utilizing the Plan, Do, Check, Act process for developing training courses includes determining:

  1. Training needs
  2. Training objectives
  3. Method of delivery
  4. An evaluation method
  5. A review process

Supervisor training development

Supervisors are required to provide site/task-specific training to their workers on the processes and procedures used for their work. This section provides examples of how supervisors can use the training development process to complete site/task-specific training.