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You can book parking spots through the Dean's Office for visitors. We do not book parking spots for use by faculty or staff members. 

Room booking procedures

We follow University Policy 15: Bookings for all University spaces.

Usage priorities and right to refuse bookings 

Priority is given to Faculty-specific bookings and rooms are used to meet the academic, research, outreach, and administrative needs of the Faculty of Mathematics specifically, and of the University more generally. Requests:

  • From University departments outside of the Faculty will be referred to the Dean's Office
  • For community group events (non-UWaterloo groups) will normally be denied, even if those requests originate from a staff or faculty member of the University
  • May be refused by the Dean or their delegate from any group, at their discretion 

Restricted activities

The following activities are not permitted in Faculty rooms: 

  • Sale of goods or services, except as noted in Policy 15
  • Consumption of alcohol, unless University Bar Services is providing the alcohol service 
  • Activities and events in service of non-accredited student groups and off-campus groups (including charitable organizations)

Student bookings 

To book space for students, the student activity must be organized and booked by one of the following:

  • Executive member of Mathematics Society (undergraduate) or Mathematics Graduate Student Association (graduate)  
  • The President of a Club or Committee that is established and recognized by the Mathematics Society 
  • An ongoing staff or faculty member in a Mathematics department or school 

The student activity must meet the following criteria: 

  • The activity must be for the benefit of current or potential students in Mathematics
  • All students in Mathematics must be invited and permitted to attend the event -OR- if all students are not able to attend, the meeting must be conducted within the established policies and procedures of both the Mathematics Society and the Dean's Office.  (e.g., a closed meeting of the Mathematics Orientation Committee Executive would be permitted, but a private study group consisting of a self-selected group of friends would not be allowed since that is not a group formally recognized by the Mathematics Society) 

Class bookings 

We do not book undergraduate classes into Faculty rooms. We may make exceptions for certain 4xx/6xx held-with courses. You can only book these exceptions during the official "period of classes" so they may not extend bookings into the 4th month of the term.

    Exchange Calendar

    • Room booking usage is recorded on Exchange Calendar; room availability (free/busy time) will be publicly viewable 

    • Permissions to make bookings are managed by the Faculty (for Faculty Shared Rooms) or department/school

    Procedures for department-/school-controlled rooms

    Departments/School determine internally who may book rooms. They may:

    • Establish more restrictive rules and procedures than those listed above. Specifically, the Department/School has the right to refuse bookings from others if it will interfere with their activities.
    • Use supplementary booking systems (such as written logs), but the official record of room usage must be kept on an Exchange Calendar. 

    Procedures for faculty-shared rooms 

    Booking Agents

    The Dean's Office will assign permissions to department booking agents upon request from their supervisor. Room booking agents must comply with all room booking procedures; failure to comply may result in suspension of booking privileges. 

    Calendar entries 

    • Make the bookings through Exchange Calendar only; do not use supplementary systems
      • We do not allow tentative (hold) bookings
    • Take care to check for conflicts, especially for recurring bookings; Outlook does not always report potential conflicts 
    • Include the following in each booking entry: 
      • Subject: title of event, plus name of person running the event   (e.g., PhD Defense - Prof. Zorzitto) 
      • Body: approximate number of people attending, plus name of person making the booking (e.g., about 20 people, booked by Megan Martin) 


    If an event is cancelled, remove the booking from the calendar so the room may be used by others 

    Booking conflicts

    In the case of an accidental double-booking, we expect that both parties come to a mutual resolution. In rare cases, the Dean's Office will determine that an event needs to be moved. We will make every effort to find a suitable alternative for the original booking.  

    Room usage etiquette

    Users must be informed that they are required to leave the room in its original state - chairs and tables must be returned to original location; boards should be cleaned; equipment should be turned off; garbage should be removed.

    After-hours bookings

    The booking agent may need to make arrangements to provide building and/or room access to users for after-hours bookings. 

    M3 Atrium 

    You may only book the M3 Atrium through the Dean's Office. We maintain tight control because of the impact of noise on the nearby lecture theatre and the building occupants. For non-math events, the Atrium is normally booked only outside of business and class hours.