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Teaching Fellow

The Teaching Fellow position has been established by the Faculty of Mathematics as part of a larger university wide effort to raise the profile of teaching and learning and support and encourage teaching excellence.

Within the Faculty, the Teaching Fellow works with individual faculty members, Chairs/Directors, the Associate Dean Undergraduate and the Dean. Outside the Faculty, the Teaching Fellow will work with the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) and the Teaching Fellows/Associate Deans Teaching in the other Faculties.

Professor Brian Forrest is the Math Teaching Fellow. In this role, he will:

  • In conjunction with the CTE and the Faculty, act as an advisor on how best to use CTE resources and expertise to support teaching in the Faculty of Mathematics.
    • Develop an orientation program for new faculty in early September, possibly involving resources from both the Faculty and CTE.
    • Support faculty members seeking to improve or enhance teaching skills and strategies on a confidential one-on-one basis.
    • Coordinate efforts to improve teaching assessment and feedback, including efforts to better utilize course evaluations at the individual, department, and faculty level.
    • Create and nurture a community of practice among interested faculty members across the Faculty, possibly including events to celebrate and/or promote teaching.