Go Abroad

  • Students can review host schools they may be interested in exploring Waterloo Passport but applications will only be unlocked during the open application period and after you have attended the Mandatory session in full.
  • Review the eligibility requirements for Math students
  • Attend a mandatory information session hosted by the Study Abroad team. 
  • Review the application process.

Additional information

  • Costs and Tuition: If you’re participating in an exchange program, you are required to pay all compulsory incidental costs (lodging, food and insurance), and your tuition fees will be assessed at the University of Waterloo for the respective term abroad. You will be charged for 2.5 units of academic credit whether you take three, four or five courses abroad. No matter where you end up travelling, it’s your responsibility to pay your tuition fees by the applicable term deadline to avoid late fees and complications for your journey. The process for paying your tuition fees remains the same as it would for any other academic term at Waterloo. If you’re participating in a Study Abroad program on the other hand, your tuition fees will be assessed at the host school for the respective program. Remember to carefully review all the payment details listed by the host.
  • Students who go abroad in Winter or Spring terms will not be able to graduate in the June ceremonies due to the time it takes to receive official transcripts and process transfer credits. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  • Co-op students have access to WaterlooWorks while on exchange, with some restrictions you may have to discuss with a co-op advisor.
  • Transfer credit will not be granted for audited courses.

Please direct questions about the application, changing your choices, or information sessions to the Study Abroad team in the Student Success Office.

For questions related to your eligibility for exchange, faculty endorsement, course equivalencies, and transfer credits, please contact the Math Exchange Office.