Academic matters


The University of Waterloo’s Undergraduate Calendar should be your go-to resource for most academic matters as it contains a wealth of information outlining courses, degrees, programs, and course requirements and regulations. Often times, many of your questions can be answered by referring to the undergraduate calendar.

The Registrar's Office also publishes a list of important dates every term including various deadlines and university holidays making it a great resource for students to check periodically. 

Understanding your academic standing

Our summary of academic standings and what each of them entails for Math students at Waterloo will help you gain a better understanding of the grading scheme here at Waterloo and some next steps you can take to improve your academic standing.

Course selection enrolment

If you are running into trouble during course selection period don't hesitate to reach out to the Math Undergraduate Office (MUO) for help. You can also review the course selection enrolment webpage for answers to common enrolment issues and course override contacts.


We have compiled a depository of forms commonly used by Math undergraduate students including PDF documents and online web forms for your ease of access.

Path to graduation

The University of Waterloo community gathers in June and October each year to celebrate the awarding of degrees at convocation. Make sure to review our graduation checklist to ensure you have everything you need for the final celebration of all your achievements!

Academic integrity

As students at the University of Waterloo, you're expected to promote honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility.

Academic integrity is very important and taken very seriously. To make sure you are abiding by all regulations please reference the academic integrity page to familiarize yourself with our policies and regulations.


We are committed to providing support to students whether that be through providing personalized accommodations or providing exceptions to students in extenuating circumstances.

Students hoping to submit a formal petition should speak to an academic advisor and refer to the petitions page.

Communication skills

Since strong communication skills are essential to academic, professional, and personal success, the Faculty places a particular emphasis on their development.

You may visit our Mathematics and communication page for more information.