Math Peer Pair program

math mentorship

About the program

The Math Peer Pair program aims to build peer to peer connections between first-year and upper-year Math students. The program is open to all current undergraduate students in the Faculty of Math. 

The Mathematics Undergraduate Office (MUO) facilitates the Peer Pair program, which will run during the Winter (January-April) 2024 term. Each first-year participant will be matched with an upper-year participant, who will act as a resource to answer questions, connect first-year participants with various campus and math specific opportunities, and offer non-academic support throughout the term. 

The deadline to apply to be a part of this program for the Winter (January-April) 2024 Math Peer Pair program has passed. Applications for Fall 2024 will open in late Winter/early Spring. Please note,there are a limited number of first-year and upper-year participant spots. 

For additional information about the Peer Pair program, please contact the Undergraduate Student Relations team.

How does the program work? 

  1. After applications close, all applications will be reviewed. For Winter 2024, there are a limited number of first-year and upper-year participant spots. Both successful and unsuccessful participants will be contacted via email in late-December or early-January.
  2. In early January 2024 first-year participants will be matched with an upper-year (2B+) participant based on their program, preferences, and/or interests. 
  3. Once matched, the connection will be made via email. Matches are then advised to have an introductory meeting within the first few weeks of the program.
  4. During the introductory meeting, it is encouraged that the first-year participant and upper-year participant discuss how they plan on communicating throughout the term, how often they want to connect, and what the first-year participant hopes to get out of the experience. 
  5. Monthly touch points will be made by the MUO Student Relations team to ensure the goals and needs of the first-year and upper-year participants are being met. 
  6. The official first-year and upper-year participant relationship within the Math Peer Pair program will end in April 2024, however, students are encouraged to stay connected!

Why be an Upper-Year Participant?

  • You are enjoying your undergraduate student experience in the Faculty of Mathematics
  • You want to have a direct impact on a peer’s university experience
  • You would like to support the academic skills and social achievements of a first-year student by sharing your insights and experiences through one-to-one or one-to-two mentorship
  • You are looking to develop and/or strengthen your leadership and communication skills and expand your network within the Faculty of Mathematics
  • You want to contribute to the first-year experience and success of new students by building community and relationships

Upper-Year Participant Qualifications

Required Qualifications

  • Current upper-year (2A+) undergraduate student in the Faculty of Mathematics
  • Be a full or part-time registered student (including co-op) and in good academic standing at time of hire
  • Preferable on campus for the Winter 2024 term 
  • Knowledge of, or have participated in, various academic and/or math communities including clubs, volunteering, and administrative services
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills 
  • Strong interpersonal skills to effectively support students within the community
  • Have a strong desire to support the success of first-year undergraduate students
  • Demonstrated good judgment and problem-solving skills

Required Training 

  • Foundational Training Program for Peer Leaders (if not previously completed)
    • The is a two hour virtual commitment. Further information will be provided to considered applicants
  • One in-person or virtual role-specific training session in early January

*Academic Integrity reviews will be completed for all considered applicants

Apply to be an Upper-Year Participant

Why be a First-Year Participant?

  • You want to enhance your undergraduate student experience in the Faculty of Mathematics
  • You are looking to connect with a current upper-year math student about their experiences during first year and how they navigated all the challenges they encountered
  • You want to learn more about getting involved, various campus and math specific resources, studying tips, time management, and more 
  • You want to build a community amongst peers within the Faculty of Mathematics
  • You are hoping to get various questions answered by a mentor in a non-academic setting

First-Year Participant Qualifications

Required Qualifications

  • Current first-year (1A or 1B) undergraduate student in the Faculty of Mathematics
  • Be a full or part-time registered student (including co-op) during the term you will be participating
  • Preferably on campus for the term you will be a first-year participant
  • A willingness to connect with an upper-year student and learn about their experiences as an undergraduate student 
  • Knowledge of some of the topics you are most interested in speaking to a mentor about. Topics may include; personal growth, health and well-being, academic success, co-op process, resumes, or social life

Apply to be a first-year participant