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Winter 2020 Undergraduate Research Assistantship (URA) Opportunities.

Spring 2020 Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program (URA). ***ON-LINE APPICATIONS OPEN November 1, 2019.***

Tutte's Distinguished Lecture Series 

The very successful Tutte's 100th Distinguished Lecture Series has now completed. That success has led to a Tutte Distinguished Lecture once per term. The next lecture will happen in the Spring term.

*Recordings of occurred talks are all available on C&O's YouTube Channel   

Grad Studies: Fall 2020 applications now open

 New Deadline: February 1, '20

  1. Oct. 16, 2020Recognizing outstanding research by a Master’s student
    Ishan Bansal reading a book

    Ishan Bansal was named a University Finalist for the Alumni Gold Medal for a Master’s student. He worked under the supervision of Professors Chaitanya Swamy and Jochen Koenemann.

    After completing his BSc at Chennai Mathematical Institute, Bansal received two scholarships, the William Tutte Postgraduate Scholarship and the David Johnston International Student Entrance Scholarship.

  2. Oct. 8, 2020Fall 2020 convocation
    Fall 2020 convocation

    Six Ph.D. and six M.Math. C&O students will receive their degrees at the Fall 2020 convocation on October 24. This is the second time that the convocation ceremonies will be held on-line.

  3. Oct. 1, 2020The road to success
    Mike Egan on a motorcycle

    Like most entrepreneurs, Michael Egan (BMath ’74) has experienced his fair share of twists and turns on the road to success.

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  1. Oct. 26, 2020Algebraic Graph Theory Seminar - Ferdinand Ihringer

    Title: Pseuodrandom Cliquefree Graphs, Finite Geometry, and Spectra

    Speaker: Ferdinand Ihringer
    Affiliation: Ghent University, Belgium
    Zoom: Contact Soffia Arnadottir


    A regular graph is called optimally pseudorandom if its second largest eigenvalue in absolute value is, up to a constant factor, as small as possible. Determining the largest degree of an optimally pseudorandom graph without a clique of size s is a well-known open problem in extremal graph theory.

  2. Oct. 29, 2020Algebraic Combinatorics Seminar - Florian Aigner

    Title: qRSt: A probabilistic Robinson--Schensted correspondence for Macdonald polynomials

    Speaker: Florian Aigner
    Affiliation: Université du Québec à Montréal
    Zoom: Contact Karen Yeats


    The Robinson--Schensted (RS) correspondence is a bijection between permutations and pairs of standard Young tableaux which plays a central role in the theory of Schur polynomials. In this talk, I will present a (q,t)-dependent probabilistic deformation of Robinson--Schensted which is related to the Cauchy identity for Macdonald polynomials.

  3. Oct. 30, 2020Tutte Colloquium - Logan Crew

    Title: The Tutte Symmetric Function

    Speaker: Logan Crew
    Affiliation: University of Waterloo
    Zoom: Please email Emma Watson


    The Tutte polynomial is one of the most celebrated and most well-studied graph functions, in part because it specializes to every graph polynomial with a linear deletion-contraction relation, such as the chromatic polynomial. In the 1990s, Stanley generalized the Tutte polynomial to a symmetric function, but at the cost of the deletion-contraction relation.

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