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Tutte's Distinguished Lecture Series 

The very successful Tutte's 100th Distinguished Lecture Series has now completed. That success has led to a Tutte Distinguished Lecture once per term. The next lecture will happen in the Spring term.

*Recordings of occurred talks are all available on C&O's YouTube Channel   

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 New Deadline: February 1, '19

  1. May 16, 2019Waterloo Coloring Conference 2019

    Professors Michelle Delcourt, Zdenek Dvorak and Luke Postle are organizing a conference on graph colorings (September 23-27, 2019).

  2. May 4, 2019Eddie Cheng is a recipient of an Alumni Achievement AwardEddie Cheng

    Professor Cheng will receive his award at the Alumni Achievement Awards luncheon at 12:30 pm on June 13.

  3. Apr. 27, 2019Hanmeng Zhan wins the inaugural Mathematics Doctoral Prize competitionHarmony Zhan

    This new prize will be awarded annually to recognize the achievement of graduating doctoral students in the Faculty of Mathematics.

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  1. May 22, 2019Graphs and Matroids Seminar - Mikahil Isaev

    Title: The distribution of tree parameters via the martingale CLT

    Speaker: Mikhail Isaev
    Affiliation: Monash University
    Room: MC 5479


    Tree parameters, like pattern or symmetry counts, have been extensively studied in the literature for various random models.

  2. May 23, 2019Algebraic Graph Theory Seminar - Ben Moore

    Title: Some results concerning frozen homomorphisms

    Speaker: Ben Moore
    Affiliation: University of Waterloo
    Room: MC 5479


    A colouring is frozen if you cannot change any vertices colour and remain a proper colouring.

  3. May 24, 2019Tutte Colloquium - Mikhail Isaev

    Title: The sandwich conjecture of random regular graphs and more

    Speaker: Mikhail Isaev
    Affiliation: Monash University
    Room: MC 5501


    The sandwich conjecture formulated in [Kim, Vu, Advances in Math., 2004] states that if d >> log n, then the random d-regular graph on n vertices R(n, d) can asymptotically almost surely be ”sandwiched” between G(n, p1) and G(n, p2) where probabilities p1 and p2 are both (1 + o(1))d/n.

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