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Tutte's Distinguished Lecture Series 

Sergey Norin - November 2

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  1. Oct. 18, 2018Constant-time quantum computers more powerful than classical counterpartsGraphic showing the circuit width depth

    Written by Institute for Quantum Computing staff

    Quantum computers can solve a linear algebra problem faster than classical computers, according to a new study published in Science. The finding proves that constant-depth quantum circuits are more powerful than their classical counterparts, and provides a new sense of how quantum technology will be a key to more powerful computing.

  2. Aug. 17, 2018Hausdorff workshop on combinatorial optimization

    Professor Jochen Koenemann is a co-organizer of a followup workshop to the 2015 Trimester Program on Combinatorial Optimization.

  3. Aug. 1, 2018David Gosset joins the C&O department

    On August 1, David Gosset joined the Department of Combinatorics and Optimization as an Associate Professor.

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  1. Oct. 19, 2018Combinatorial Optimization

    Title: Primal-dual and Lagrangian relaxation techniques for k-median

    Speaker: Madison Van Dyk
    Affiliation: University of Waterloo
    Room:  MC 5479

    Abstract: We will develop primal-dual algorithms to obtain constant-factor approximations for the uncapacitated facility location problem.

  2. Oct. 19, 2018Tutte Colloquium - Matthias Mnich

    Title: New algorithms for maximum disjoint paths based on tree-likeness

    Speaker: Matthias Mnich
    Affiliation: University of Bonn
    Room: MC 5501


    We study the classical NP-hard problems of finding maximum-size subsets from given sets of k terminal pairs that can be routed via edge-disjoint paths (MaxEDP) or node-disjoint paths (MaxNDP) in a given graph.

  3. Oct. 25, 2018Algebraic Graph Theory Seminar- Nathan Lindzey

    Title: Maximum Independent Sets in Erdos-Ko-Rado Combinatorics

    Speaker: Nathan Lindzey
    Affiliation: University of Waterloo
    Room: MC 6486

    Abstract:  We discuss a general algebraic method for characterizing maximum independent sets in graphs that arise in Erdos-Ko-Rado combinatorics, provided the graphs are large enough. 

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