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Welcome to Combinatorics and Optimization

Winter 2020 Undergraduate Research Assistantship (URA) Opportunities.

Spring 2020 Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program (URA). ***ON-LINE APPICATIONS OPEN November 1, 2019.***

Tutte's Distinguished Lecture Series 

The very successful Tutte's 100th Distinguished Lecture Series has now completed. That success has led to a Tutte Distinguished Lecture once per term. The next lecture will happen in the Spring term.

*Recordings of occurred talks are all available on C&O's YouTube Channel   

Grad Studies: Fall 2020 applications now open

 New Deadline: February 1, '20

  1. Sep. 24, 2020Creating opportunities in cryptography
    Alfred Menezes

    “I was never the type to plan out my career,” says Alfred Menezes, a professor in the Department of Combinatorics & Optimization (C&O) at the University of Waterloo. “It’s always been about being in the right place at the right time and taking advantage of every opportunity.” In 1998 Menezes resigned a tenured position at Auburn University to join the Faculty of Mathematics at Waterloo, where he had previously earned three degrees, including his PhD.

  2. Sep. 11, 2020The profound impact of a researcher
    Michele Mosca, Scott Vanstone and Alfred Menezes

    Remembering Scott Vanstone and tracing his connections, influence and career

    In 1972, Scott Vanstone (BMath '70, MMath '71, PhD '74) walked into Ron Mullin’s (MA '60, PhD '64) office and told him he wanted to be his student. Originally, Scott started studying chemistry at the University of Waterloo, but switched to math.

  3. Sep. 10, 2020Chasing a dream
    Josué Kurke

    “While working as an instructional support assistant (ISA), I remember the first time a professor asked for a volunteer to teach a lecture while he was at a conference,” remembers Josué Kurke. “My hand shot up. I donned a professorial kind of jacket with the elbow patches and went all out. Over time, I’ve realized that I feel most at home in front of a classroom. I want to spend my career talking to people about math.”

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  1. Sep. 25, 2020Tutte Colloquium - Alexey Pokrovskiy

    Title: Rota's Basis Conjecture holds asymptotically

    Speaker: Alexey Pokrovskiy
    Affiliation: Birkbeck, University of London
    Zoom: Please email Emma Watson


    Rota's Basis Conjecture is a well known problem, that states that for any collection of n bases in a rank n matroid, it is possible to decompose all the elements into n disjoint rainbow bases. Here an asymptotic version of this is will be discussed - that it is possible to find n − o(n) disjoint rainbow independent sets of size n − o(n).

  2. Sep. 28, 2020Algebraic Graph Theory Seminar - Soffia Arnadottir

    Title: Strongly cospectral vertices, Cayley graphs and other things

    Speaker: Soffia Arnadottir
    Affiliation: University of Waterloo
    Zoom: Contact Soffia Arnadottir


    In this talk we will look at a connection between the number of pairwise strongly cospectral vertices in a translation graph (a Cayley graph of an abelian group) and the multiplicities of its eigenvalues. We will use this connection to give an upper bound on the number of pairwise strongly cospectral vertices in cubelike graphs.

  3. Oct. 2, 2020Tutte Colloquium - Levent Tuncel

    Title: Total Dual Integrality for Convex, Semidefinite and Extended Formulations

    Speaker: Levent Tuncel
    Affiliation: University of Waterloo
    Zoom: Please email Emma Watson


    Within the context of characterizations of exactness of convex relaxations of 0,1 integer programming problems, we present a notion of total dual integrality for Semidefinite Optimization Problems (SDPs), convex optimization problems and extended formulations of convex sets.

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