Whatever happened to Operations Research (OR)?

Effective fall, 2011, the OR academic plan has been renamed to Mathematical Optimization (Math Opt). As an OR student, you are able to continue with the OR plan; you need to meet the requirements of the OR program as described in your calendar year, and you will graduate with an OR major. Students entering math in fall, 2011 will graduate with a major in Mathematical Optimization.

The undergraduate calendar for Mathematical Optimization, OR specialization lists the following requirements:

  • five additional non-math courses (2.5 units),
  • two additional math courses (1.0 units),
  • four additional free-choice courses (2.0 units).

These courses are implied by the table one requirements for all math students. The list does not intend to add an additional course load to Math Opt/OR students.

I need a course override, what do I do?

See the course instructor for prerequisite, time conflict, permission, class limit overrides. The undergraduate advisor can only override unit loads (I want a sixth course) and some blocks.

If I took Combinatorics and Optimization (CO) 350, can I take CO 250?

CO 250 is the new version of CO 350. If you take both, you will not get credit for both.